It’s what’s for dinner.

We had another one of the Kroger Prep+Pared Home Chef Express meals for dinner tonight. This one was Carolina BBQ Chicken with cheesy broccoli…

It was another terrific meal. The Carolina BBQ sauce was great and broccoli is just my favorite vegetable, especially when it’s cheesy broccoli.

We really like the Kroger Prep+Pared Home Chef Express meal kits a lot. 😀❤️

Grocery shopping during a pandemic.

Grey Midwest was going to have a trial run of the entire office worked from home next Tuesday. But yesterday afternoon, they decided to move that trial up to today.

This morning, we got up extra early and went to the grocery before I got down to some work business. I was really interested in seeing how picked over the store was going to be. I heard stories about people buying up all the toilet paper and paper towels, which is weird to me because COVID-19 is a respiratory illness, not a gastrointestinal one. And we found that was actually the case at the Kroger we shop at the most. There wasn’t much toilet paper or paper towel to be found…

There also wasn’t very much cold medicine left…

The hand soaps were pretty picked over…

As was the milk…

And the bread…

And the cans of soup…

But also the frozen pizzas…

And the hot dogs?

Thankfully, there were still plenty of Shining Stars…

And I thought this bear was pretty adorable…

The check-out lines were long but not terrible…

This couple’s carts were pretty ridiculous when you really stop and look at them…

They must have been planning on not leaving their house for the next couple of years.

I thought it was pretty ironic that there were already strategically placed “Get well soon” balloons at the check-out aisles…

So that was what shopping will be like for a while in the new world we find ourselves in during this pandemic. People lose their minds a bit. We just got our normal groceries.

And then we got Biggby Coffee and headed home with our groceries…

I needed to start working home. 😀🛒🛍️☕️❤️

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