Our last trip to Taft’s Brewporium?

Despite the world starting to spiral into a pandemic-induced panic, we went out for pizza tonight at our favorite pizza joint, Taft’s Brewpourium. Hamilton County and Cincinnati still don’t have any confirmed cases of the Corona Virus. But you really wouldn’t know it because we practically had the entire Brewpourium all to ourselves…

And little did we know that it would be the last time we’d be dining out at a restaurant for the foreseeable future…

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced on Saturday that the Ohio Department of Health issued a Director’s Order that will close all Ohio bars and restaurants to in-house patrons, effective at 9:00 pm, March 15, 2020. Restaurants with take-out and delivery options will still be able to operate those services, even as their dining rooms are temporarily closed.

Our world will probably never be the same after the Corona Virus. But hopefully, we can get Taft’s delicious New Haven-style pizza again sometime soon. 😀🍕🍺❤️

Sunny Blu Coffeehouse.

A while back a little coffeehouse in Cincinnati’s Camp Washington neighborhood followed me on Instagram. I followed them back. And I’ve been admiring them ever since. The coffeehouse was called Sunny Blu Coffeehouse. And this morning, we finally drove around the corner to Camp Washington to see what they were all about…

Sunny Blu Coffeehouse is super cute on the inside…

Genifer ordered a cappuccino with a little caramel added to it. I pondered what I would get for literally one second before ordering the Hot Vanilla Chocolate. People love their coffee, I love hot chocolate.

Sunny Blu also had some terrific-looking sweets…

But I had to try their french toast breakfast sammich. And we got these Cold Brew Cocktails to try later…

Their french toast breakfast sammich was out-of-this-world good…

We really like Sunny Blu Coffeehouse…

And the best part is that Sunny Blu is located right on our way downtown. Camp Washington is conveniently located between Northside and Over-the-Rhine/Central Business District. It’s great to have another wonderful coffee that we can stop at on our way downtown in the morning. If we ever get to go back downtown again, that is.

I love Google Maps too…

And we love Sunny Blu. We can’t wait to come back. Very often. 😀🌞🔵☕️❤️

Oh, and the cold brew cocktails were really good too. Strong. But really tasty.

Pause for paws.

Here’s a very fuzzy yet adorable Oscar from three years ago…

Thanks for the memories, Timehop. 😀🦕❤️

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