Four years ago.

Four years ago today, Genifer and I got married in Jamaica

Without a doubt, the last four years have been the happiest of my whole life.
Happy anniversary, baby! I love you with all of my heart! 😀💍❤️

After these messages…

We’ll be right back. We’re going to Nassau in the Bahamas to celebrate our anniversary.

Follow along on our Instagrams, our Flickr, and our YouTube. 😀🗺️❤️

#TBT Pause for paws.

Milan had the prettiest green eyes. He was just such a very handsome dog. I still miss him everyday. Always remembering all the good times with the bud dog. 😀🐾❤️

A little bit behind.

Google sent me an email this morning to let me know that I’ve now uploaded 4,750 photos to Google Maps/Local Guides

But at the time of writing this post, I’d uploaded 4860 photos that have over 18.8 million views. I guess Google is a little behind. When they sent me my last email, I was over 4800 photos. But it’s nice to still be popular. And it’s still pretty neat. Because they don’t have to send me anything at all.

Thanks for giving me another way to share my photos, Google! 😀🗺📷❤

The dingle is in the house.

This afternoon we drove out to West Chester to have lunch with Geri, Alyssa, Cleve, and Pippa at Dingle House

Dingle House has one of the best fish sammiches around. And somehow, I don’t know that I’ve ever taken a photo of it.

And we dropped our little dingle, Oscar, off at Geri’s so he can stay with grandma while we’re on our trip. He was so excited to be with grandma that he wouldn’t even let me get a “see you later, Oscar” photo. 😀🇮🇪❤️

Spaghetti western surf music?!

Back at the end of January when we were getting coffee one morning, and we noticed this poster in Sidewinder for The AmpFibians surf music series at Northside Tavern

We were really curious so tonight we walked over to Northside Tavern to check it out…

The first band at Northside Tavern tonight was Jake Logan and the Midnight Riders. They said they play spaghetti western surf music and it was awesome…

The second band was The AmpFibians and they played more traditional surf music…

And they were awesome too…

I’m not sure what was going on in the backroom at Northside Tavern but there were a bunch of people back there…

What a really fun night of incredible surf music at Northside Tavern! 😀🌊🎶❤️

Loving it.

I was really loving these stickers on a minivan that was parked on our street…

Taken with Instagram. 😀🐰😍🥰❤️

We ate this.

Last time we were at the grocery store, I talked Genifer into letting us get a big bag of delicious Totino’s pizza rolls…

And tonight we got to eat them…

I haven’t had pizza rolls in forever…

Pizza rolls are really tasty. And we ate them all. 😀🍕❤️

Good evening from Northside.

Good evening from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

Come on you, Gunners.

Before today’s Europa League match between Arsenal at Olympiakos, one of the 20 odd mascots, probably the smallest of the bunch was left out on the pitch when the rest had long since headed off. He clearly had no idea what to do and the Arsenal players pulled him in for their team picture…

Absolutely classic. Arsenal won the match 1-0 on brilliant four pass move started when Mustafi switched fields to Aubameyang on the left through to Sako and finished by Alexander Lacazette. #CYOG 😀⚽️😂🤣❤️

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