Panda Express.

So believe it or not, we’ve never eaten at a Panda Express. This afternoon we found ourselves out on the Westside at Western Hills Plaza, and we decided to try Panda Express for the very first time…

It was odd trying a place for the first time during a pandemic. There were blue tape lines on the floor so everyone knew how far to stay apart…

It was our turn to order. And there were so many delicious looking options…

We learned that at Panda Express you choose your meal size: a bowl (1 entree & 1 side), plate (2 entrees & 1 side) OR bigger plate (3 entrees & 1 side). And then you choose your entree and side. Panda Express has a bunch of different entree choices…

Genifer ordered a bowl of the Kung Pao Chicken with fried rice. I ordered a plate with Orange Chicken and Mushroom Chicken with fried rice…

Panda Express was really, really good stuff. I think we just found a new place to stop for lunch whenever we find ourselves over on the Westside. 😀🐼🥡❤️

There still aren’t any paper products.

We stopped at Target out on the Westside this morning and there were still no paper products like toilet paper, paper towels or even napkins. Just empty shelves…

We didn’t need any. Thankfully, we had a good supply built up well before there was ever the thought of a pandemic. It’s just crazy to me just how little is available now. People are pretty ridiculous with their hoarding. 😠🧻❤️

One year ago today.

One year ago, I watched the start of March Madness at work on my iPad and iPod…

And then after work, we stopped by Queen City Radio to watch some more hoops…

And we shared a delicious Whip Classic burger…

Mmmmmm, Whip Classic. I can’t wait until we can have a Whip Classic again.

And Opening Day was only SIX days away…

Oh good times. I really miss sports. Hopefully, they’ll start again soon. 😀🏀🍻🍔❤️

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