A darn good Saturday.

Good morning from Northside…

We ran over to the grocery store to get some groceries for the week…

How adorable were these buttons?

If they would have been magnets, they would be home with us right now. And this llama pillow was pretty cute…

There were some good balloons today too. I got five on it with some stars…

There were a lot of Back-to-School balloons because it’s about that time….

And without a hint of irony, the Back-to-School balloons were right next to the Get Well Soon balloons…

There should have been a promotion, Buy any Back-to-School balloon, get one, Get Well Soon balloon for free.” Ugh. It’s hard to believe that the pandemic has been raging for six months now, and nothing’s getting any better. And speaking of the pandemic when we were done at the grocery, we ran into Target…

While we were at Target, I got an eye exam…

If you remember a while back, I cracked my glasses right in two. I’ve been going without glasses for a minute. And today, I ended up getting two new pairs. One near-sighted pair with blue light filter for working on my computer and one far-sighted pair for driving and watching movies. Both of them compensate for my pretty considerable astigmatism. I’m so excited for my new glasses. They’ll be ready in a couple of weeks. The best part is that between my insurance and health savings account that both pairs of glasses cost me a grand total of $10. How cool is that? And I also got this new little bluetooth speaker…

It has a really good, full sound. Also full was my belly after eating a BLT with turkey bacon and Canadian Bacon for lunch…

It looked like it was raining off in the distance…

And good evening from Northside…

This evening I trimmed the grass in our little front yard…

And our little front yard flowers are really flourishing…

And of course, we played some ball in our backyard…

Mack was waiting for us upstairs at the top of the steps…

When we got upstairs, we watched the Grizzlies lose the the 8/9 play-in game to the trailblazers in the NBA bubble. It was a really good game. I love the Griz but I think the Blazers will give the Lakers more problems. And it was be awesome if the Lakers got knocked out of the playoffs.
We also watched Louisville City beat Loudoun 2-0.

It was a pretty darn good Saturday. I can’t wait for my glasses. 😀🗓️❤️

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