We have a side yard now!

This morning we woke up early to get over to Lowe’s…

We wanted to get a big drum of stain for our brand new fence. It’s so exciting. After we chose our stain, we headed over to Mad Llama for our Saturday morning coffee…

I bet about half of our runs to Lowe’s and the grocery have just thinly veiled excuses to run across town to get Mad Llama coffee because it is so good…

When we our new fence was installed, we had them move our gate up to the street side of our side door. It gave us a little side yard space that is actually usable now. This afternoon we worked on cleaning up on newly formed little side yard space…

When they ripped up our street to replace the water main, they left a pile of the bricks on the side of our street. It turns those bricks were the original cobblestone bricks from back in the day when Beech Hill was a brick cobblestone street. We grabbed as many of those bricks as we could and stacked them by our air conditioner on the side of our house. We weren’t sure what we were going to be using them for until today. We used them to line the path in our little side yard…

Good evening from Northside…

And good evening from our backyard…

With our new fence…

And our new little side yard…


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