An unexpected visitor.

There have been some really pretty sunrises lately…

Good morning from Northside…

The days are definitely getting shorter…

It’s Friday! To celebrate, we shared our crowler of Vanilla Oatbama oatmeal stout from Presidential Brewing up in Portage, Michigan…

Their beers were really good.

Somehow a praying mantis made its way into our house…

We wanted to get it outside before Mack tried to eat it…

I think Praying Mantis are pretty neat. And we don’t seen them very often. I think this is the third one we’ve seen since we moved into our house. And it’s the second one we’ve seen recently.

After all that excitement, we finished The Haunting at Bly Manor. It was good. But not at all what we were expecting it to be. We were thinking ghosts and things that go bump in the night but it turned out to be just a pretty tragic, sad love story. The best part was the little girl Flora always proclaiming everything to be perfectly splendid.” 😀🌄⛅️🍺🪲📺❤️

Pause for paws.

Oscar is back home after our long weekend to Michigan!

He’s so handsome. It’s great to have Oscar back home. Bear is going to stay with Geri for a little bit but he’ll come back home with us in a couple of weeks. 😀🐾❤️

Norwegian trains vs. Bob Ross.

It seems like we have a subscription to almost every streaming service imaginable: YouTubeTV, Netflix, PrimeVideo, Hulu, Disney+, Peacock for Premier League soccer, CBS for Champions and Europa League soccer and ESPN+ for MLS, USL and Serie A soccer. Whew! Even with all those streamers, we still absolutely love PlutoTV. Pluto is 100% free TV and movies with 100s of TV channels and 1000s of movies. Did I mention Pluto is 100% free?

Most of the time, I listen to PlutoTV while I’m working during the day. I love it because I can pick a channel and watch the same program for as long as I want. I don’t have to try to find something new to listen to every hour when new shows come on. PlutoTV is perfectly splendid.

PlutoTV is constantly updating their lineup and adding new channels. Just recently, they removed one of my very favorite channels, SurfTV. Nothing but surfing shows 24/7. It was awesome. But sadly, it is no more. And that’s perfectly dreadful. But one of our other favorite channels on PlutoTV is SlowTV

SlowTV is nothing but beautiful, scenic train rides through the countryside of Norway 24/7. The scenery of the Norwegian countryside is just gorgeous. We love it. And we fall asleep to SlowTV almost every night.

But Pluto just added a 24/7 Bob Ross painting channel….

The new Bob Ross channel might give SlowTV a run for it’s money for the channel we fall asleep to every night. We’ll have to give it a try.

Norwegian trains versus Bob Ross. It kind of sounds like a grudge match for the ages. 😀📺🛤️🖼️❤️

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