Today was all about treats.

There was still a little bit of snow on the ground this morning…

Good morning from Northside…

Day 17 of my Lego City Advent Calendar…

My work dropped off this holiday care package this afternoon…

It was a pretty great bag stuffed full of all sorts of treats. It was very nice of Grey to do this and hand deliver all these treats.

Good evening from Northside…

For dinner tonight, we made one of our Lou Malnati’s Chicago-style deep-dish pizza that we got in the mail yesterday from JJVE…

What a delicious pizza! It was such a good pie so cheesy and delicious.
Thanks again, JJVE!

For dessert, we had a couple of little mini cheesecakes that Genifer picked up from Taste of Belgium after she was done having lunch with her coworkers…

Those little cheesecakes were really delicious as well.

And this showed up in the mail for us today…

Thanks again, mom & dad! We love us some pizza. Especially delicious Taft’s pizza! We’ll definitely be putting this to good use very soon. Hopefully, we’ll be able to wait until after Christmas.

Tonight, we watched Ava on Netflix. It was like a female Jason Bourne or John Wick or something. And Mack actually came upstairs and crashed out on the bed while we were watched the movie…

Ava was pretty good. Very action packed.

In my Timehop today, the logo I designed for Cincinnati Public Radio popped up from two years ago. After a lengthy design process, the new logo was finally unveiled and then showed up on Cincinnati Public Radio’s website

Next, it started turning up pretty much everywhere around Cincinnati. Like on their Twitters…

And then it was a 2019 GD USA Award winner. And I still think that’s pretty cool. Thank Timehop for letting me relive this treat.

Today was a great day and was all about lotsa of great treats. 😀🌄🛍️🍕🍮📺🦕❤️

2019 GD USA Award winner.

A little over a year ago, the new brand identity I designed for Cincinnati Public Radio was unveiled and started to make its debut around Cincinnati…

It’s been pretty neat to drive around Cincinnati and see the logo I designed on billboards and pop up unexpectedly here and there. Today, I noticed that the logo I designed won a rather prestigious 2019 American Graphic Design Award

This year’s showcase of 600 pieces (winnowed from more than 12,000 entries) reflects the many ways that graphic design shapes business and society, products and services, commerce and culture and causes. Winners run the gamut from print and packaging to internet and interactive, from dream assignments to bread and butter endeavors, from established stars to rising newcomers, from red states to blue.

Pretty neat. Just knowing that I created a logo that will be part of a very vibrant and diverse Cincinnati community for the foreseeable future is an even better feeling.

But the best feeling is having that logo in my portfolio.

Thank you, Graphic Design USA! 😀🏆❤️


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