Another great Sunday.

The sky was very pretty this morning…

Good morning from Northside…

We had our normal weekend outing to the grocery…

The Valentine’s Day stuff is out in force…

Both the panda and the train were in the international aisle…

These balloons were very cheerful. I liked the little frog…

And Ice Bear was still trapped inside in the claw grab machine…

We stopped for Biggby coffee

It was time to say goodbye to our Christmas tree again…

We made BLTs with seasoned curly fries for lunch…

Xavier beat Providence with a buzz-beater and Wichita State handled Cincinnati.

The sky was pretty this evening as well..

Good evening from Northside…

This evening we finished Manhunt: Unabomber. It was pretty good. Very interesting.

And twelve years ago today, I got started on Twitter…

I don’t really post a lot on Twitter, or really on any social media anymore. But I sure do scroll through my Twitter feed all the dang time. I wonder how much I’ll keep looking at Twitter after January 20th. This is probably going to help a bunch…

It sounds like it’s already making Twitter a better place. 😀🌄🐼🚂☕️🎄🥪❤️

2019 GD USA Award winner.

A little over a year ago, the new brand identity I designed for Cincinnati Public Radio was unveiled and started to make its debut around Cincinnati…

It’s been pretty neat to drive around Cincinnati and see the logo I designed on billboards and pop up unexpectedly here and there. Today, I noticed that the logo I designed won a rather prestigious 2019 American Graphic Design Award

This year’s showcase of 600 pieces (winnowed from more than 12,000 entries) reflects the many ways that graphic design shapes business and society, products and services, commerce and culture and causes. Winners run the gamut from print and packaging to internet and interactive, from dream assignments to bread and butter endeavors, from established stars to rising newcomers, from red states to blue.

Pretty neat. Just knowing that I created a logo that will be part of a very vibrant and diverse Cincinnati community for the foreseeable future is an even better feeling.

But the best feeling is having that logo in my portfolio.

Thank you, Graphic Design USA! 😀🏆❤️


Checking in on the WyzeCams.

It was a very rainy night as you can see from our third-floor WyzeCam

The new iPad that Genifer got me for Christmas came with a free year of Apple TV. So we finished watching the first season of The Morning Show and also watched the latest episode of The Servant, both on Apple TV. While we were watching those on our TV, I was also watching our Mavs get thumped by the Lakers on a little tablet.

It seems that almost everyone has a streaming service. Right now, we do YouTubeTV, Netflix, Disney+, PrimeVideo (free with Amazon Prime), Hulu (free with Sprint), Apple TV (free with my iPad), NBC Sports Gold (for Premier League), ESPN+ and Pluto TV (Pluto is completely free). And they all have apps for our Amazon Fire TV sticks and all of our mobile devices.

I saw a bundle deal where you could get Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ for $12.99 a month. That’s a great value. Disney is worth it just for The Mandalorian. And I just love ESPN+ for all the extra sporting events. All the soccer alone makes ESPN+ worth it for me. And I’m on my third trip through the thirteen seasons of Ancient Aliens on Hulu. It’s one of my go-to shows to listen to at work.

What’s funny to me is that out of all these streaming services, the one I think I watch the most is Pluto TV. There are just soooo many random channels on Pluto. I love their surfing channel, 4KTV and the slow tv channel. It’s really a pretty incredible service considering that it’s completely free. There is so much stuff.

Anyway, it was such a grey and rainy Friday. It was perfect for binging watching shows. 😀📷🌧️📺❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

Genifer made her turkey meatloaf again for dinner tonight…

Her meatloaf is sooo good. 😀🦃❤️

Today’s my Twitter birthday!

Today was my Twitter birthday! I’ve been on Twitter for 11 years now!

I guess, time really flies when you’re tweeting tweets. 😀🕊️🎂❤️

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