Oh deer.

Walking the dogs this evening, we saw three deer on the hill at the end of our street…

I know we live right on the edge of a rather sizable nature preserve in Northside but we don’t live out in the ‘burbs. We’re also in a very urban area. And we live just six miles from downtown. So I think it was really pretty neat that we got to see these deer just up our street. 😀🦌❤️


This evening we stopped into a new bar that just opened on Thursday in Northside called Mixwell’s. Actually, they’ve been open for a while but just recently moved from Hamilton Avenue by Northside Tavern down to the old Barrio space next to the arcade and across the street from Second Place/Littlefield…

Mixwell’s is actually more of a discotheque than just bar. I hope they figure out a way to utilize the incredible back patio space…

It’s kind of crazy to have a dance club in Northside. There aren’t very many dance clubs left in Cincinnati that I can think of off the top of my head.  It’s not really our scene exactly. But I could see us stopping in for a drink every now and then. 😀🕺❤️

The Embassy is open.

When we were in Jamaica, we would see this sand sculpture that said, “The Embassy is open.” We saw it for the first few days we were at the resort…

We were walking around Northside and we walked past this little table set up on the sidewalk. The first thing that popped in my head was The Embassy is open…

You never know what you’ll see walking around Northside. 😀❤️

Pumpkin patch pop-up.

When we were out walking the dogs this morning, we saw that the stop sign at the end of our street had a precarious lean to it like someone tried to push it over…

I put in a service request to have it repaired on the FixItCincy app. So hopefully, it’ll get fixed soon. When we got to the top of the hill at the end of our street, there was a pop-up pumpkin patch in front of the Montessori school…

and of course, Mack had to sniff each and every pumpkin…


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