Thursday evening at Listermann.

After work this evening, we stopped at Listermann Brewing Company’s taproom across the street from Xavier’s campus…

We’ve been to Listermann before. We pre-gamed there before one of the very first FC|C preseason matches against Xavier, and we loved going to their Volksfest. Earlier in the week, we saw on their Instagram that they had a Mexican Chocolate Chickow on tap that sounded very intriguing. And then we saw that they also had a Mexican Chocolate Stout on tap as well called Pastel Con Amigos. But when we got to the taproom, they were both already gone. But there were a lot of other interesting sounding beers on tap…

We decided to start with a flight…

Our first flight…

Father Kyle’s Cinnamon Stout was really good. As was Satisfied? Their Cookie Wizard had glitter in it. You can sort of see it here…

There it is…

And here’s our second flight…

In my opinion, Nutcase is one of Listermann’s best beers. Sooo peanut buttery! Seen and noted that Thursday night is also Wing Night in the taproom…

We didn’t partake but we ordered some other stuff from Renegade Grille

We ordered some deep fried mac ‘n cheese balls, loaded cheese fries and a fried bologna sammich to share…

The fried bologna sammich and loaded fries were out of this world…

It was a fun Thursday evening. We can’t wait to come back for another fried bologna sammich and some more incredible beers. 😀🍺❤️

Pause for paws.

Mack was just wondering if pumpkins are recyclable…

Mack really likes sniffing pumpkins. 😀🐾🎃❤️

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