Our VW Jetta GLI.

We got our VW Jetta GLI into the shop today to have the check engine light looked at…

And now we’re up and running again. They had to replace the thermostat and a valve that had an slight oil leak. I got to hang out over by Xavier pretty much all day and it’s never cheap. But at least it’s fixed again and we’re back on the road. 😀🚘🔧❤️

Fantasy football wrap-up.

I played fantasy football again this season…


For whatever reason this season, our league at work never kicked off. I’m not sure what happened there. But I still played five teams for just the fun of playing fantasy football.
I ended up with a combined record of 39-26 for the season. This season I named all of my teams some sort form of Bears…

My Firey Bears ended up in sixth place after going 5-8 during the regualr season. Team Auction AutoDraft ended in fifth at 7-6. My Growly Bears ended in fourth at 9-4 and Hungry Bears also ended in fourth after running riot in their league, thumping teams every week gto go 10-3 before completely collapsing in the championship semifinals.

My Blocky Bears went 8-5 during the regular season and were the only team I had that made the leauge championship matchup this season. And they were the only team I had that actually won their league…

So once again, I can call myself fantasy football champion. I think fantasy football is so much fun. It makes the football season really interesting and enjoyable, especially when you win. 😀🏈🏆❤️

My Swarm 2018 year in review.

Nine years ago today, I started using Foursquare which eventually spawned a little spin-off app called Swarm

And I got my Foursquare/Swarm 2018 year in review…

I love stuff like this. I just think it’s pretty neat. And I still really love my check-ins on Swarm! 😀⭐️❤️

200 Timehops in a row!

I hit 200 Timehops in a row! AGAIN. Thanks, Timehop!😀🦕❤️

Seen and noted.

When we were out walking the dogs today, we noticed this lone Christmas ornament hanging on a shrub by the Montessori school on the hill at the end of our street…


Dana’s Gardens.

Today was a big sports day. So this afternoon we went with a bunch of friends to Dana’s Gardens just across the street from the campus of Xavier University to watch Xavier play basketball away to the DePaul Blue Demons…

It’s just a great little hole in the wall sports bar. As it turns out, it’s also an official Everton supporters bar. My Arsenal was playing Liverpool this afternoon. So there were no shortage of people pulling for the Arsenal to beat Liverpool. And Michigan was playing Florida in their bowl game. All at the same time. And Dana’s had the TVs to have all those games on. I’m irritated with myself that I completely forgot to take a photo of the inside of Dana’s. But it’s just a little low ceiling dive bar. And like I said, they have a bunch of TVs. They also have really cheap drinks and equally cheap but really great food. It was also one of those places that had a lot of words of wisdom in the restroom…

It was a really fun time…

Xavier beat DePaul by ten but Arsenal got thumped 5-1 by Liverpool. 😀🏀⚽️❤️

Good evening from Northside.

Good evening from Northisde. 😀🌄❤️

Meanwhile across the river.

This morning we dropped off the rental car we that we used to drive up to Michigan…

It was a pretty nice ride. The check engine came on in our Jetta GLI the day before we were going to drive to Michigan. We didn’t feel super comfortable driving all the way up north with that hanging over our heads so we just rented a car from Budget at CVG to get us there and back…

After we dropped it off, we stopped by Crestview Hills Town Center and decided to have lunch at The Pub

We shared a Scotch Egg…

Genfier had a half chicken salad wrap and a caesar salad…

I had these delicious fish and chip sliders…

We don’t get over to Crestview Hills very often, It’s pretty nice over there, and The Pub has some really good lunch. 😀🇬🇧❤️

Christmas in Michigan.

We had a wonderful time over Christmas in Michigan. Click to see all the photos from our holiday up north. 😀🎄✋❤️

#TBT Pause for paws.

Back when we lived downtown, Milan and I used to walk the heck out of all the parks along the Ohio River every single day…

We would walk around four miles a day together. When we moved into our house in Northisde, I started a Milan shrine in our office…

And this is what my Milan Shrine looks like today…

Always remembering all the good times with the bud dog. 😀🐾❤️

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