It’s what’s for dinner.

We had Untidy Joseph’s for dinner tonight…

We haven’t had Sloppy Joe’s in a while. And I really love me some Sloppy Joes!  😀❤️

What do you want? A cookie?

It’s that time of year. Big trays of delicious cookies art showing up around the office…

These Busken cookies featuring the new logo I designed for Cincinnati Public Radio also showed up at the office…

It’s pretty neat to see a logo you designed printed on a cookie. I stopped at Graeter’s to get Genifer some of their delicious little tea cookies. They came in two sizes, a little box…

And holy geez that’s a lot of cookies basket…

You can never have too many cookies. And it seemed like there were a lot of them around today. 😀🍪❤️

Downtown details.

I was running some errands around downtown Cincinnati this afternoon, and I was kind of shocked to see that the Tiffany & Co. at Vine and Fifth Streets had closed…

It’s real shame. A while back the downtown TJ Maxx moved across the river to Newport. Then the downtown Macy’s closed their doors. And now Tiffany has left. The only real place to any shopping in the Central Business District is Saks Fifth Avenue. It getting harder and harder to do holiday or birthday shopping in CBD. And that’s a real shame. Also a real shame is the huge, old beautiful pine tree they cut down to display on Fountain Square for a little over a month…

I wish they would just get a big fake tree or come up with some alternative to chopping down a very old tree every year. But in an effort to remain positive, downtown did recently get a Frisch’s Big Boy in Carew Tower on Fifth Street…

I’ll have to check out the new Big Boy soon. Honestly, I keep forgetting it’s over there.

I guess the world giveth and taketh away. It seems like CBD has been more on the taketh side lately. And that also is a real shame.

Lost winter apparel.

When we lived downtown, we saw a lot of lost shoes and we saw a bunch of lost gloves and mittens. Now that we live just down the street from a school in Northside, we’ve been seeing kids winter hats…

I keep trying to set them all in the same place hoping that they will be found…

And we see the occasional mitten or glove too…

Those poor kids are going to be cold. 😀❄️❤️


Two years ago, we were at Django Western Taco

Remember when Django used to have their chicken biscuit? That was one of my favorite things to eat ever in the whole world…

Also two years ago, Oscar was hanging out on the sofa in our office being a cute head…

Thanks for the memories, Timehop! 😀🦕❤️

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