Happy Taco Tuesday!

Happy Taco Tuesday! Let’s take extra care to follow the instructions today or you’ll be put to sleep when Lord Business unleashes the Kragle And then his evil powers will be unlimited. Can you feel me? Taken with Instagram. 😀🌮❤️

Constructing Cincinnati.

I could make a whole separate blog just about construction and demolition. It’s been really fascinating to watch. At least it has been for me. But I’m going to combine all the daily photos I took over the last week into this one blog post so our blog doesn’t become that blog all about construction. On Tuesday, I could see the windows of our old apartment at Sycamore Place across the way…

If you used that exit, the first step would be a doozy…

Wednesday, November 7th:

Thursday, November 8th:

Friday, November 9th:

Monday, November 12th:

And I recorded this time-lapse video of the last bit of the demolition…

I also posted a very condensed time-lapse on my Instagram. And all that’s left now is just a massive pile of rubble and debris. It’s weird to not see that building across the street when I leave work…

Tuesday, November 13th:

It was an ugly building anyway. At least it’s out of its misery. 😀🚧❤️

Sidewinder coffee.

Our beloved Sidewinder Coffee recently redesigned their logo. On the right is their old logo, and on the left is their new logo. The new logo is so fancy. I’m still partial to the old simple lightning bolt logo because their coffee gives you a charge to start your day…

But regardless of their logo, you can’t beat their coffee. We love it so much…

We both wish we could get Sidewinder coffee every morning. 😀☕️⚡️❤️


Looking down our hallway at the fam…

Thanks, Timehop! 😀🦕❤️

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