The joke’s on us.

Today is April first and that means, it’s also April Fool’s Day…

But the joke was on us because it was snowing this morning…

Good morning from Northside…

We saw our first snail of the spring…

I moved the snail from the middle of the sidewall on the stairs to the edge of the sidewalk by some mulch over by what might someday be an orchard…

It was still snowing…

Good evening from Northside…

We had an NYPD Pizza party tonight…

Remember when Oscar used to hop up on the sofa in our office studio and look out the window?


Not many April’s Fools.

Not surprisingly, many companies decided to forego their usual annual April Fools jokes on social media. It was really pretty quiet. Timehop had one of the best ones I saw…

No stupid cookies. Just sugar creme. 😂🍪🦕❤️

Hello April.

I started following @Snoopy on Twitter. It’s such a nice breath of fresh air in my Twitter feed amongst all the COVID-19 doom and #TrumpIsALoser hashtags.  😀🥜🗓️❤️

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