Special delivery.

We got a big package box in the mail from JJVE today…

Inside were two six packs…

We’ve had the 10 Barrel Brewing Cucumber Crush Sour before and it is delicious…

But we’ve never even heard of Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout before…

We’re really excited to try it. Thanks, JJVE! That’s pretty darn awesome of you! Cheers!

Check out these artworks!

Check out these incredible, amazing birthday cards I got in the mail from JJVE in Boston. My nephew Edgerton made this work of art…

And this masterpiece is from Violette…

Thank you so much Violette and Edgerton! It lookslike a lot of hard work went into these fanatastic birthday cards. You are a couple of very talented, very artistic kiddos! And all your hardwork is very much appreciated. 😀🖍️❤️

One year ago.

One year ago today, I received this drawling from my nephew entitled, “Octopod for Shellington & Captain Barnacles” and it’s still one of my very favorites…

Edgerton’s early works. Thanks, Timehop! 😀🦕❤️

Thanks, JJVE!

How adorable are these Gardenhouse Pottery #TeamFiona Cincinnati mugs JJVE sent us for Christmas?

I see many, many hot chocolates enjoyed in these mugs. And we got a Downtown Cincinnati gift card too?! Thanks, JJVE! 😀🎁❤️


I think my sister sent us a special delivery by mistake…

JJVE your adorable Christmas ornament is back on its way to you. 😀⛄️❤️

Happy Easter!

HAPPY EASTER! We had a very nice Easter Sunday. Genifer made me this really sweet little Easter basket…

We got a wonderful Easter card from JJVE with some terrific artwork from Violette…

Here’s a photo Jeannette sent of Violette with her artwork and the bunny she drew us…

And here’s a photo Josh sent of Violette with her bunny. It was the bunny we sent her from Happy Groundhog Studio

Later, Genifer’s mom came over and my parents came down from Michigan for the night on their way out east to do some antiquing and they brought some delicious Pizza King pizzas down with them…

YUM! Pizza King pizza is sooo good. My mom also brought down a very delicious cherry cobbler. It was a very nice surprise to get to spend Easter evening with my parents and Genifer’s mom. It turned out to be a really nice Easter. 😀🐰🐣❤️

On a personal note, I need to take more photos when people come over or when we do things with other people. I need to make more of a conscious effort to make sure I take at least one photo of everyone together. I really need to do a better job of that. I just 😀📷❤️

Seen and noted.

We got a very nice card in the mail with some new school pictures of my niece and nephew, Violette and Edgerton. Also included with the photos was this amazing little piece of art entitled, “Octopod for Shellington & Captain Barnacles”…

Awe. Some. Our refrigerator has a new piece of art. Taken with Instagram. 😀📝🐙❤️

Happy birthday, Josh!

Today is my brother’s birthday! Happy birthday, Josh!

We love you and we hope you had a very wonderful special day! 🙂

Happy birthday, Edgerton!

Today is my nephew’s birthday! Happy birthday, Edgerton!

We love you and we hope you had a very wonderful special day! 🙂

Happy birthday, Josh!

Today is my brother’s birthday! Happy birthday, Josh!

We love you and we hope you guys have a very wonderful special day! 🙂

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