100 reviews on Google Maps.

Like I said, I’ve been working hard on my Google Maps Local Guides. I’ve been going back and adding reviews of a lot of places from my Google Maps timeline. And I just added my 100th review on Google Maps

I’ve been working hard on my Google Maps contributions. #LetsGuide 😀🗺️❤️

My reviews are a big hit.

really like Google Maps & Local Guides. I love sharing my photos and our experiences. And my reviews are a big hit. They just went over 30,000 views!

I’ve been working hard on my Google Maps contributions. #LetsGuide 😀🗺️8⃣❤️

My reviews are a big hit!

My reviews on Google Maps are a big hit and just went over 10,000 views!

I love contributing to Google Maps and Google Local Guides! 😀🗺️❤️