A pretty low-key Sunday.

It was really chilly and frosty this morning…

Good morning from Northside…

We had a big breakfast this morning…

Eggo waffles with scrambled eggs and sausages! And it was terrific. We never have big breakfasts.

Hello, Oscar. He looks so handsome with his new haircut…

And we had Thanksgiving part three for a late lunch after Arsenal lost this afternoon…

And then it was just a lot of hanging out on our new sofa until we took the dogs on their evening walk around the block…

Good evening from Northside…

It was pretty sunny all day. But it started getting more and more overcast the closer we got to Monday…

Tonight, we watched both The Princess Switch and The Princess Switch: Switched Again on Netflix. The first one was pretty cute. The second one was still cute but a bit of a stretch. While we were watching our Netflix movies on the TV, I was also keeping tabs on Michigan as they survived overtime against Oakland. The same Oakland that Xavier destroyed by 52 on Wednesday.

We had a pretty low-key Sunday. But it was a really good one. Low-key Sundays are the best Sundays. 😀🌄🧇🐾🦃☁️❤️

It’s what’s for breakfast.

We don’t eat breakfast all that much. We usually just jump straight to lunch. But this morning breakfast sounded good so Genifer made biscuits and gravy…

And cheesy scrambled eggs…

Breakfast is delicious. 😀🍳❤️

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