Hello from Northside.

Good morning from Northside…

It was weird to get back to work today after having yesterday off for the election. It felt like it should have been a Monday but it was a Wednesday. It just made for a really odd feeling day.

We’ve been waiting for this big tree to start to change color…

Good evening from Northside…

Tonight, We started getting ready for our trip to North Carolina. And we watched more of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. That series is surprisingly good for just being about chess. 😀🗳️📺❤️

Tuesdays are grey too?

This morning looked just like yesterday morning, grey and rainy…

For dinner tonight, Genifer made this buffalo chicken pasta

Omigosh. It was soooo good. It was just the right amount of spicy. We had garlic bread with our buffalo chicken pasta. And I love garlic bread.

Then it was back for another walk. And it was still grey and rainy…

Good evening from Northside…

We watched a few more episodes of The Queen’s Gambit tonight.

On the iPad, I watched the Dodgers buy themselves a World Series title. I mean, they had the best team that money could buy. Spared no expense. In my opinion, this season and this World Series should always have an asterisk next to it. But that might be because I just really dislike the Dodgers. They’re like the Yankees of the West. Only without all the championships. 😀🌄❤️

Why are Mondays always so grey?

It was another Monday morning. And it was another grey and rainy morning. Why are Mondays always so grey and rainy?

Good morning from Northside…

Mack and Oscar were waiting for postwalk treats…

The Pad Thai we had last week was so good that I got this Pad Thai for lunch when we were at the grocery…

The noodles were good. But the flavor definitely wasn’t Pad Thai. It was just Asiany noodles. The flavor was kind of odd, actually. I don’t think I would get these noodles again. At least this flavor.

And for dinner tonight, we had another one of the Kroger Prep+Pared Home Chef Express meals for dinner tonight. This one was Margarita Chicken with garlic Parmesan zucchini…

And then with the pesto added on top of the chicken…

And it was another delicious dinner. The chicken was so cheesy and the pesto on top of it was great. The Parmesan zucchini was just out of this world good. We really like the Kroger Prep+Pared Home Chef Express meal kits a lot.

It started really sprinkling while we were on our walk this evening…

Good evening from Northside…

Tonight, we started The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. We’re just a couple of episodes in and it’s pretty good so far. 😀🌄🍜🌧️📺❤️

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