Happy Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

Good morning from Northside…

This morning we ran out to get some Christmas Eve Eve Biggby coffee

We ran around a little bit to do some last minute Christmas shopping…

We got some odds and ends stuff. And a bunch of new dog toys for Oscar & Mack. I also got Mack a new dog bed and Snoopy blanket to go in our studio office where he sleeps a lot. I snuck his new bed upstairs while he was outside…

I showed him his new dog bed and he pretty much spent the rest of the day lounging on it…

While I was hanging out in the studio office with Mack, I decided to check out day 23 of my Lego City Advent Calendar…

I think he really likes his new dog bed…

Later, we had a NYPD Pizza hoagie party….

NYPD hoagies are so good. And their fries were even better than normal tonight.

We dragged Mack off his new dog bed to take the dogs around the block…

Good evening from Northside…

After he got his treats, Mack was right back upstairs, crashed out on his new dog bed…

This evening, we finished the second season of Mindhunter on Netflix. It was a really good series. We hope they get around to making a third season someday. But it probably won’t be anytime soon.

And Mack was still sleeping on his new dog bed…

We hope everyone had a Happy Merry Christmas Eve Eve! 😀🌄🛍️🐾🥪🍟❤️

Oh. I also thought these drawings from @crazyheadcomics & @wearyourvoice were really beautiful…

It just reaffirms how blessed we are and how good we have it this Christmas Eve Eve.

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