Special delivery.

We got a big package box in the mail from JJVE today…

Inside were two six packs…

We’ve had the 10 Barrel Brewing Cucumber Crush Sour before and it is delicious…

But we’ve never even heard of Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout before…

We’re really excited to try it. Thanks, JJVE! That’s pretty darn awesome of you! Cheers!

Deskey chili cookoff.

At work today, there was a Deskey chili cookoff

There were even celebrity guest judges from Arnold’s because everything has to be a dang competition…

And Becky was the winner with her #4 chili…

And then there were cupcakes for January birthdays…

And we also revealed our Deskey Secret Valentines. It made for a pretty fun afternoon. 😀🖐️❤️

Constructing Cincinnati.

I wonder if they’re finished across the street. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they just paved over the space and called it a new surface parking lot…

I don’t think that’s the plan. But it looks like it could happen.😀🚧❤️

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