Pause for paws.

Mack thought he heard something or saw something down the hill on our walk and he stopped to check it out. 😀🐾❤️

Out in Pleasant Ridge.

Tonight, we meet our friends Chris and Tayler in Pleasant Ridge to celebrate. They just closed on their house earlier in the day. Our first stop was back at Nine Giant

After yesterday’s pretzel awesomeness, Genifer and I decided that whenever there is a giant soft pretzel on the menu we have to order it…

Nine Giant has a pretty solid pretzel. Their cheese was really good.

Nine Giant is a really fun little place. Really good beers. I really like their Conjure Me Sweet Milk Stout a lot.

And then we walked next door The Shining inspired Overlook Lodge

Genifer ordered the Writer’s Block made with bourbon, apple-berry sweet tea, and elderflower liqueur…

And I got the Apollo 11 made with vodka, espresso syrup, cold hot cocoa, almond milk and topped with a toasted marshmallow…

Genifer also tried The Calumet with bourbon, peach-pecan whiskey, ginger liqueur, allspice dram, lemon, carrot juice, black walnut bitters…

It tasted like Thanksgiving all in our glass. Our friend Megan took this photo…

She must have the first camera phone ever made ever. Anyway, it was a really fun evening out in Pleasant Ridge. 😀🥃❤️

Congratulations Chris and Tayler on your new house!

Constructing Cincinnati.

Running errands around downtown Cincinnati this afternoon, I noticed they were doing renovations to the building next to Igby’s on Sixth Street…

Even after all this time, I still get excited whenever I see stuff like this. My first thought is always, “I wonder what’s going to be opening soon in that space.” It’s always fun when new stuff opens. And I love getting to go and check out new places when they open.

I still don’t know what they are doing across the street from work

I’m beginning to think that they don’ t really know either. 😀🚧❤️

Next in line, please.

I went to renew our tags at the Ohio BMV this afternoon. And when I got to the BMV, there was no line…

Usually, when I make my yearly pilgrimage to the BMV, there’s a line out this door. But today there was no wait. Even when I was done, there still wasn’t a line…

Happy birthday to me! 😀🔜❤️

Sidewinder hot chocolate.

Genifer still gets her Mexican or caramel lattes when we stop at Sidewinder Coffee but the caffeine from coffee makes me feel all jittery so I’ve been on a hot chocolate kick…

It’s so good! I love Sidewinders hot chocolate. And their cinnamon twists. Hot chocolate and cinnamon twists, that’s what it’s all about. 😀☕️❤️

We’re beyond excited about this…

It will be FC Cincinnati’s very first home game of the MLS era. It’s going to be another one of those, “I was there moments” in Cincinnati sports. We have our season tickets all renewed and we’re super excited. 😀⚽️❤️

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