Nice! You have a reward.

Good morning from Northside…

This afternoon we ordered pizza from Taft’s Brewpourium. And we had accumulated some rewards…

Omigosh! Look at our Taft’s Brewpourium pizza feast…

I’m pretty sure Taft’s is my favorite pizza is all of Cincinnati. It’s so good.

Oscar was telling us it’s time to go on our evening walk…

And when we were walking the dogs, we noticed this…

That’s pretty darn creepy.

Good evening from Northside…

We hung this guy out on our back porch…

This afternoon I had to knock out a few things for work while I listened to Arsenal lose 1-0 to Leicester, and then we watched the Bengals come up short against the Browns.

This evening, we watched the Dodgers win the World Series. It’s a bummer. It would have been so neat for Tampa Bay teams to win the Stanley Cup and the World Series. This season will always have asterisk next to it for me. The Dodgers were the best team that money could buy over the course of a pandemic-shortened 60-game season. Personally, I liked it much better when the Dodgers would spend all that money year after year and and then come up short. That was great. 😀🌄🍕🐾⚽️🏈⚾️❤️

Eight years ago today…

The Cincinnati Bengals social media team blocked me on Twitter for relentless dogging them about their inability to sell-out any of their home football games. Each and every week, the Bengals corporate sponsors would be forced to purchase tens of thousands of dollars worth of their unsold football tickets in order to avoid a dreaded television blackout in Cincinnati…

To this day, it’s still one of my proudest moments on Twitter. Cincinnati should have let those Bengals move to another city when they had the chance. Thanks, Timehop!

Are you ready for some football?

NFL is back in action. We walked down to Second Place to watch the Bengals game…

To celebrate the start of another season of impending disappointment, Second Place was hosting a Bengals Tailgate Kick-Off Party complete with a cookout…

All the proceeds from the cookout were donated to help those suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey down in Houston. What a delicious way to help…

We were sitting next to the popcorn machine at watching the popcorn pop was way more exciting than the Bengals game…

The Bengals were playing the Ravens. In Cincinnati. And of course, the Bengals lost their opening game of the season, 20-0. The Ravens picked off Bengals QB Andy Dalton FOUR times and forced him to fumble as well. The Red Rider BB gun, ladies, and gentleman. The Bengals are about as good at football as they are at math…

Welcome back football! Thank goodness we’re Cowboys fans! 😀🏈❤️

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