More grilling with Clifton Market.

On the way home, I stopped atĀ Clifton Market again to get some more of their amazing bacon cheddar burgers to put on the grill this evening…

And you know it’s almost summer when the Bell’s Oberon makes its first appearance…

We put the burgers on the grill and Genifer had some chicken cutlets too…

Those burgers are so delicious…

And it turned out to be a really pretty evening as well…


HabaƱero Burrito Monday!

On my way home, I stopped at HabaƱero in Clifton to pick up some burritos for dinner because it was another HabaƱero $5 Burrito Monday

It had been a minute since we last had $5Ā HabaƱero Burrito Monday. It sure is good stuff. Taken with Instagram.Ā šŸ„™ šŸ™‚

HabaƱero Burrito Monday.

Tonight was anotherĀ $5 burrito Monday at HabaƱero

And it was delicious!Ā Taken with Instagram. šŸ™‚

Clifton Market.

This afternoon we rode our beloved Metro 17 bus over to Clifton’s Gaslight District…

We wanted to check out the long awaited new co-op grocery store, Clifton Market

It’s been three years in the making since planning began…

From to Clifton Market’s website:

The co-op business model is the best way to serve the community.Ā  Grocery co-ops source more local food, pay better wages, and put more money back into the local economy. Ā Profits from the co-op are returned to owners in the community in the form of patronage dividends. Ā This encourages owner loyalty because the more you shop, the more you get back.

We’re most excited about it because it’s right on the 17 bus line home from downtown. So if there’s ever a need to stop and pick something up for dinner, or if we’re missing a key ingredient, I can stop on my way home from work without having to get in the car and run back out to our local Kroger. Plus with it being a co-op, I feel better about my money going back into the community. Annnnd, I want to see Clifton Market do well because the new Northside co-op grocery store, Apple Street Market is based off the same premise. I would love to have option of going to Clifton Market right on the bus line or stopping at Apple Street Market just a few blocks from our house. šŸ™‚

HabaƱero Burrito Monday.

On the way home, I stopped at HabaƱero in Clifton to get us some deliciousĀ burritos for dinner again


I love burrito Mondays. šŸ™‚

Seen and noted.

We saw the Met Life blimp from the Metro 17 bus on our way downtown…


I have a thing for blimps. I just think it’s really neat to see them floating over the city.Ā  Taken with Instagram. šŸ™‚

HabaƱero Burrito Mondays.

After the success of getting carry-out Taco Tuesday, I got off the bus on the way home today to check out HabaƱero’s Burrito Mondays. Burritos are just $5 on Mondays. I picked us up two burritos, along with chips and salsa and got back on the bus to head the rest of the way home. HabaƱero’s burritos are pretty massive…

Genifer got grilled chicken in hers. Of course, I got taco meat…

We got meat, Mexican rice, black beans, cheese, sour cream and medium salsa in them. And it made for some really delicious burritos! Maybe even better than their tacos! For the two burritos and chips and salsa it was almost $12. You can’t beat that. I can see HabaƱero’s Burrito Mondays becoming a regular staple in our house. It’s going to be hard to decide between Burrito Mondays and Taco Tuesdays. We’ll have to alternate. All I know is, there are definitely worse problems to have. šŸ™‚

ps. I took more photos of HabaƱero but when I went to look for them, they had up and disappeared from my phone. I’m not sure what happened. But next time we visit we’ll be sure to take some more photos.

HabaƱero Taco Tuesdays.

Every day on the bus ride home, I pass HabaƱero in Clifton. I guess I’ve always known it was right around here somewhere. But before we moved, I never really sought it out.Ā  The bus rolled passed and I thought, “Oh, so that’s where that is. We should try that sometime.” Come to find out that every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday atĀ HabaƱero. So I hopped off the bus on the way home this evening to check Taco Tuesday and grab us some $2 tacos…

And five minutes later, I was holding a big bag of tacos and chips & salsa waiting for catch the bus home…

Genifer and Oscar met me at the bus stop and we walked home to enjoy some tacos…

I got two adobo chicken tacos, one bbq chicken, two ground beef and one pork and of course, chips and salsa…

I got all of this for just over $13. And it was way too much food. Next time, I’m just going to get two, maybe three tacos and chips and salsa. But they were so good! Not much to look at or take photos of, but nonetheless, sooo good. Genifer’s favorite were the Adobo chicken. My favorite was the ground beef. Nothing says taco to me like taco meat tacos. On Taco Tuesdays, you get your choice of meat, choice of beans, Mexican rice and two toppings all for just $2 a taco. I can definitely see many more HabaƱero Taco Tuesdays in our future! And we can’t wait to check out Burrito Mondays too! šŸ™‚

Ludlow Garage Bistro.

Genifer picked me up from work this evening. On a whim on our way home, we stopped at Ludlow Garage Bistro in the Clifton Gaslight District for a little snack…

We shared the trio of deviled eggs. I love deviled eggs! One was filled with avocado yolk, one with a spicy jalapeno yolk and the center one below was a pickled egg filled with a standard deviled egg yolk center, all served over mixed greens…

The jalapeno one was pretty amazing. The heat really crept up on you very slowly. We also shared a grilled cheeses. And it was a very interesting grilled cheeses. It had both a bacon jam and a tomato jam on it. It was really good. Just very much unlike any other grilled cheeses I’ve ever had. It had a cute, clever name but I can’t recall what it was, and I can’t seem to find their new menu anywhere online. So…

It came with pasta salad. And we added a side of fries. It was a great little snack. We’d like to stop back at some point to try some of their other menu items like their Cuban sammich. I love Cuban sammichs. And Live at the Ludlow Garage looks like an pretty awesome place to catch some live music too. Very intimate. šŸ™‚

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