Already tired of the cicadas.

Good morning from Northside…

Is there such a thing as an albino cicada?

Ugh. We’re pretty done with the cicadas already.

We had panini sammiches again for lunch…

Good evening from Northside…

We ordered noodles from China Food via Doordash…

We ordered chow mein on the left and lo mein on the right.We thought the lo mein was better than the chow mein. But both were really tasty. And that was pretty much our Thursday…

Oh. And we started watching Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix tonight. 😀🌄🥪🥡📺❤️

Greetings from Northside.

Good morning from Northside. It looked like it was going to be overcast again…

We saw another Northside sidewalk snail on our dog walk this morning…

But Mack sniffed it and probably scared the heck out of the snail because it pulled itself inside its shell and did not want to come back out. A lot of times if you wait a couple minutes, they’ll slowly come back out of their shell. But not this one.

We walked to Sidewinder Coffee this morning to get some beverages…

I got an iced hot chocolate which is pretty much chocolate milk over ice. And Genifer had a lavender and vanilla iced latte with oat milk…

On our way home, we stopped to watch the machines on Pullan Avenue…

They’re replacing the water mains on all the streets on our side of Northside.

We noticed that Oscar hid one of the new Nylabones under the pillows on the sofa so Mack couldn’t find it. He’s very possessive when it comes to his toys…

Genifer made Chicken Ramen Stir-Fry for dinner…

It was delicious. I pretty much like anything with ramen and an Asian flair. She always finds the best recipes for dinners.

And finally, good evening from Northside…

Even though it ended up being overcast all day, it was still pretty good day. 😀❤️

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