Downtown details.

It was a really pretty afternoon in downtown Cincinnati. It was a little bit windy but the temperature was pretty nice for the beginning of December. So I ran out to get something to eat this afternoon. I walked over to The Banks. Along the way, I stopped to admire The Skystar Wheel with the Roebling Suspension Bridge in the background…

It’s become a permanent addition to The Banks. We still need to go ride on it. I bet the views are pretty spectacular. I ended up getting this sammich from Burgerfi

It was okay. I also stopped to admire the Rose Lavelle mural on West Freedom Way…

And when I was leaving work, Paul Bown Stadium was all lit up for some reason…

I love all the unique sights in downtown Cincinnati. 😀❤️

Seen and noted.

While we were waiting for the Streetcar, we could see the Skystar Wheel

We’ll have to go ride it sometime in the near future. We walked by a new mural work in progress. Probably for the upcoming BLINK Cincinnati festivities

We stopped at Holiday Spirits in Over-the-Rhine for a drink…

And saw the great Zoltar…

And we made it back to Northside Tavern to try to shoot a game of pool…

But all the tables were taken…

It was a really fun night. 😀🍺❤️

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