Covington Yard & Holiday Spirits.

This afternoon we headed out to cross the river over into Kentucky…

On our way, we drove by the new soccer stadium in the West End…

It looks pretty nice. Too bad the team that will be playing in the there is so terrible. We also drove by our old apartment building

And then it was over the river into Kentucky…

And then we were at Covington Yard

Genifer had a sangria slushie…

There are three shipping containers restaurants at Covington Yard: Mr. Bulgogi Korean BBQ, Django Western Taco and Yardbird…

We can get delicious Django tacos whenever we want and Mr. Bulgogi wasn’t open so we shared their delicious chicken sammich and fries from Yardbird…

That chicken sammich was really delicious.

Genifer had a bourbon slush and I had a Mango Cart…

Covington Yard is so fun. On our way back home, we stopped in Over-the-Spirits at Holiday Spirits

We talked about all the trips we’d like to take when the pandemic is over.

And we watched a Black Lives Matter march go by on Liberty Street…

There was the new stadium again…

And we’ve come full circle. We had a really fun afternoon. 😀🐔🍟🍻❤️

Seen and noted.

While we were waiting for the Streetcar, we could see the Skystar Wheel

We’ll have to go ride it sometime in the near future. We walked by a new mural work in progress. Probably for the upcoming BLINK Cincinnati festivities

We stopped at Holiday Spirits in Over-the-Rhine for a drink…

And saw the great Zoltar…

And we made it back to Northside Tavern to try to shoot a game of pool…

But all the tables were taken…

It was a really fun night. 😀🍺❤️

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