Good evening from Northside.

Here’s the original photo I took…

And here’s how it looked after I ran it through the ol’ Instragram filters…

Good evening from our backyard in Northside. Taken with Instagram. 😀🌄❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

For dinner tonight, we had Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken…

Ohmigosh. It’s so good. And we had Trader Joe’s Potstickers too…

It’s as good if not better than almost any takeout Chinese food we’ve had. It’s quickly become one of our very favorite meals. 😀🥡❤️

Garter snake.

Look at this little garter snake we saw on our dog walk this evening…

I was really happy that our dogs didn’t notice it. Mack eats bees in our backyard. So I could only imagine what they would have done to this poor little snake. Funny enough, we saw a little garter snake like this in our backyard about a week ago. All this time in Northside and we’ve never seen a snake. And then we see two in a little over a week.

Fantasy basketball 2019.


I played NBA fantasy basketball again this year. I can’t find any mention of last season on our blog but I’m pretty sure I played fantasy basketball last season. But anyway. I played five teams this season. My Bouncy Balls went 17-3 during the regular season…

They made the playoff winners bracket as the two seed…

And in the championship matchup, I finally defeated an undefeated team…

My team Fire Balls were the three seed in the playoffs but lost by just eight points in the championship. Eight…

My Shot Clock Violators went undefeated through the 20-game regular season…

And they continued their unbeaten run in the first round of the playoffs…

And they claimed their championship by having a perfect season…

In every fantasy season, I always do an auto draft team. My Team Action Auto Draft team made the championship but got thumped in the final round…

My fifth team was called Sneaker Heads. They went 10-10 on the season but somehow entered the playoffs as the two seed. Figure that out. They lost in the first round of the playoffs but finished third. Fantasy basketball is pretty dang fun. 😀🏀🏆❤️

I still love my Swarm.

For just the sixth time, I went over 3000 points for the week on my Swarm

And I hit 100 days in a row at neighborhoods again

And I still really love my check-ins on Swarm! 😀⭐️❤️

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