Checking in on the OscarCams.

On our way home, I checked in on the OscarCams, and Oscar was just sitting in his chair just staring at the other chair like someone was sitting in it…

And then he turned and looked right at the camera…

The whole thing was pretty creepy. I wish I would have had my phone horizontal instead of vertical. I would have been able to get better screenshots. 😀🐾📷👻❤️

More Fiery Hen.

After work tonight, we stopped back at Fiery Hen on Court Street…

Genifer ordered their burger of the day…

And of course, I had Fiery Hen’s chicken tenders. Again.

This time we got to try Fiery Hen’s banana pudding…

Genifer said her burger was just okay. My chicken tenders were awesome. Again. And the banana pudding was terrific. Banana pudding is sooo good. 😀🍔🍟🐔🍌❤️



Good morning from Northside.

Such beautiful sunrises. Good morning from Northside.😀🌄❤️

#TBT Pause for paws.

Four years ago, the bud dog wasn’t feeling very well…

We thought he just came down with a bug or something. And we were hoping he’d feel better in the morning. 😥🐾❤️

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