Working from home: Day 1.

On Friday, Grey Midwest had a trial run of all employees working from home. About half way through the day, it was recommended that all Grey Midwest employees should work from home until further notice. So this morning was the first official day of my working from home. Thankfully, we have our terrific little work space setup on our second floor, and it will finally get put to good use…

I pulled in some dog beds from upstairs and barricaded us in the office…

And I got to have some of my giant Lunchables I got at the grocery for lunch…

Everything worked really well. And it was so nice and quiet. Our internet was able to keep up with all the video conference calls and meetings. The dogs were really good all day. And I continue to make small adjustments to my working from home set-up but I’m really feeling it so far…

It’s definitely not terrible. I think I could get used to working from home. 😀🏡💻❤️

For the time being, Genifer still has to go into the office to work. Hopefully, she’ll be able to work from home soon too.

Checking in on the OscarCams.

Oscar was sleeping on the sofa. We love seeing what Oscar is up to on the OscarCams. We were all pretty lazy for the rest of the day. 😀🐾📷❤️

Checking in on the OscarCams.

On our way home, I checked in on the OscarCams, and Oscar was just sitting in his chair just staring at the other chair like someone was sitting in it…

And then he turned and looked right at the camera…

The whole thing was pretty creepy. I wish I would have had my phone horizontal instead of vertical. I would have been able to get better screenshots. 😀🐾📷👻❤️

Checking in on the OscarCams.

He’s just sitting by the door, waiting for us to get home. We love seeing what Oscar is up to when we’re not home on the OscarCams. 😀🐾📷❤️

Checking in on the OscarCams.

Oscar was waiting for us to get home on the arm of the sofa again

It’s his new favorite place to wait for us to get home. 😀🐾❤️

It must be Thursday.

After work this evening, we stopped at Queen City Radio for a Whip Classic burger, a cheese coney, and some fries. We think QCR has some of the best fries around…

On our way home, we checked in on the OscarCams to find Oscar sitting up on the arm of our sofa waiting patiently for us to get home…

What a silly head. 😀🍔🌭🍟📷🐾❤️

Checking in on the OscarCams.

We left for Dallas this morning. And Geri came to pick up Oscar…

Life advice: Find someone who loves you the way Oscar loves his grandma. 😀🐾❤️

Checking in on the OscarCams.

On our way home, we checked in on the OscarCams to see what the parking was looking like on our street. And then we looked to see what Oscar was doing…

He was just hanging out on the arm of the sofa like it was no big deal. It probably isn’t the most comfortable spot in our house. He’s a silly little dog. 😀🐾❤️

And I should probably figure out how to adjust the time on the OscarCams for daylight savings time.

Checking in on the OscarCams.

Every time we check one of the OscarCams, it records a photo to the device you’re checking the camera from. Our third-floor street view OscarCam probably gets checked the most often so we can see what the parking situation is like on our street. Today, we could have parked wherever we would have liked on our street…

You can’t beat the OscarCams. 😀🎦❤️

Checking in on the OscarCams.

It turned out to be another rainy evening in Northside. 😀☔️🌧️🎦❤️

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