Happy National Plan for Vacation Day!

Today is National Plan for Vacation Day! And we planned a vacation to go to Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas at the end of February…

We’ll be staying at Warwick Paradise Island – Bahamas. And we’re so very excited!

Four years ago.

Four years ago today, I joined Timehop

I love checking my Timehop to celebrate our best memories, every day. It’s something I look forward to every morning. Timehop is pretty fun.😀🦕❤️

Three years ago.

Three years ago today, we were counting down to our wedding in Jamaica

Thanks, Timehop!😀🦕❤️

5 year anniversary.

Yesterday marked my 5-year anniversary at Deskey. When I got up to my office on the sixth floor this morning, I found this on my desk…

I have it pretty good. Thanks to Deskey for a great first five years! Cheers to the next five being even better! 😀🖐️5⃣🍺❤️

Two years ago today…

I joined Timehop! And every morning, I get to see some of my best moments from my past via social media!

HOORAY for Timehop! I really enjoy it. 😀🦖❤️

Our Tumblr turned one today!

Our Tumblr, Corners of our home turned one today!

Happy birthday to us! 😀🏡🎂❤️

Dinner at Sotto.

We’ve been to Sotto a few times. Drinks here and some shared plates there. But for whatever reason, we’ve never gone to Sotto for a full-blown dinner. Maybe it was that there wasn’t an occasion that felt special enough. Maybe it was we just didn’t know what we were missing. With it being a month to the day since we were married in Jamaica, we finally felt like we had an occasion special enough to have dinner at Sotto. And finally use the gift card my sister, Shannon gave us a little while ago…

We started with the goat cheese & hazelnut honey bruschetta…

We shared a prosciutto arugula salad with parmigiano & lemon oil for the antipasta course. And wouldn’t you know, I completely forgot to take a photo of it. Then moved on to main event, the primi… (from the upper left) short rib cappellacci with shallot, amish butter and thyme, tonnarelli cacio e pepe with black pepper and pecorino, and finally, gnocchi alla romana with béchamel, sausage ragu & pecorino…

Unbelievable stuff. Luckily, I didn’t have to try to pronounce any of it. I just pointed. My Italian… she’s a not so good. Our favorite dish was the gnocchi and then the short rib cappellacci. The tonnarelli was delicious as well. It’s just that the other two were just, WOW! Everything had such great flavors. For dessert, we ordered the incredible little ricotta doughnuts that everyone raves about. They came with chocolate, pistachio and salted caramel dipping sauces …

Those things lived up to the hype. They were outstanding. The last amazing little donut…

After dinner, we had a drink at the bar…

What an amazing way to celebrate our first mini wedding anniversary. Thank you, Sotto! And thank you Shannon for the Sotto gift card! 🙂

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