Just another Saturday.

Good morning from Northside…

We worked in our backyard all afternoon. We finished the retaining wall along our fence and took along our back fence too. And we put down a little edging barrier next to our sidewalk in our side yard…

And this evening, there was really pretty evening light coming in from our backyard…

Good evening from Northside…


Front Porch Pours.

A Cincinnati experiential agency came up with up with the idea of Front Porch Pours

We’re keeping the Cincinnati connection strong by collectively gathering for a city-wide distant socializing happy hour, Front Porch Pours.

To “attend” guests will need a Porch Pours party kit. We’ll send you everything you need, — including, themed cocktail recipes, an exclusive playlist, invitations to send to your friends and neighbors, and more!

Why are we doing this? To create unity in a distant community. To strengthen our city bond by doing the same thing at the same time, but in different places. This isn’t a city-wide virtual call in. It’s more than that. It’s communal without digital. Being present in the moment, together.

We want everyone to join in. From OTR to Oakley, Sayler Park to Hyde Park, Westwood to Winton Hills, neighbors in all 52 hoods will kick open their door, post up on their stoop and throw back a cold one.

We walked down our street to visit with our neighbor friends Kelly and Greg. I forgot to take a photo but Genifer got one later in the evening…

And when we got home, we found a Xalapa from One Well Brewing in Kalamazoo…

All things considered, it was a pretty fun Friday night. 😀🍻❤️

Two each per customer.

We ran over to the grocery this morning. And we were pleasantly surprised by our trip today. They really restocked since the last time we went about a week ago. And they had these signs all over the store…

There weren’t nearly as many empty shelves as there were last time. And it wasn’t too busy. But there were still a surprising number of people at the grocery at 8am on a Friday morning. And we saw these Hostess Baseball Cupcakes….

Day Game and Night Game cupcakes. We should have got some cupcakes.

There were a lot of check-out lanes open this morning. And they alternated lanes so it was one open, one closed. They also added a bunch of floor stickers to show six feet for social distancing at check-out.

And a LOT of people were wearing masks and latex gloves. Some people were wearing bandanas and the elbow-length gloves used to wash dishes. And that was the oddest thing about our trip.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal trip to Kroger. 😀🛍️❤️

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