Our new dehumidifier.

Good morning from Northside…

This afternoon we worked on reorganizing our basement…

Now we just need more shelves. And we finally got to turn on our new super industrial strength dehumidifier…

If we turned the dehumidifier in too soon, it could have pulled the moisture out the setting concrete and it wouldn’t have cured correctly…

And that would probably have been bad…

But omigosh, I was so excited to finally get to turn this thing on. And it drains straight into our new sump pump. It’s all so excited. We’re hoping the dehumidifier pulls all the moisture out of the air in our basement and eliminates that old musty basement smell. But we finally get to see how it works.

Later, we ventured out to West Chester, and we picked up Sonic for lunch…

We took our Sonic over and had lunch with Geri. Sonic was surprisingly good. We had cheeseburger meals. And Sonic also has corn dogs. I got a couple of corn dogs for a snack later. Gosh, I love corn dogs. And corn dongs can be surprisingly hard to find. The corn dogs from Sonic were really good.

Back in Northside, it’s starting to look a bit like autumn…

It was so gloomy, grey and overcast all day today…

And good evening from Northside…

This evening we planned to watch my Minnesota United play Dallas but the match was postponed due to positive tests for COVID-19. So we watched FC Cincinnati lose 1-0 to Toronto instead. FC|C is really tough to watch play anymore. It seems all they do is defend, eleven guys behind the ball and then park the bus. It makes for really boring soccer. And I’m really surprised they could pull over seven minutes of highlights out of this match.

But other than that, it was a pretty good Sunday. 😀🌄☁️💧🍔🍟🍃⚽️❤️

Finishing touches.

Downtown Cincinnati is almost ready for Blink Cincinnati 2019 this weekend…

Downtown is going to be stupid nuts this weekend. We’re going to just watch the Blink festivities on the Instagrams.  😀👁️❤️

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