Checking in on the WyzeCams.

Meteorologists were predicting that Cincinnati would get a “wintery mix” starting at 6pm tonight. And they weren’t very far off for once. It started snowing right around 6:15. We watched the snow fall from our third-floor WyzeCam

It’ll be interesting to see what it looks like when we wake up in the morning…

Brrrr. 😀🌨️❄️❤️

UPDATE: And I forgot to take a photo of the snow in the morning. But I’m guessing, it looked quite a bit like this.

It’s what’s for dinner.

Genifer made another one of the Kroger Prep+Pared House Chef Express meals. This one was Salisbury Steak with mushrooms and cheddar broccoli…

And it was another super delicious Kroger prep+pared meal. This one might have been my favorite one yet. 😀🥩🥦❤️

Northside Rock Dragon.

Sometimes you stumble across little things that are kind of neat…

Genifer found this little dragon on the sidewalk when we were the dogs this evening…

We placed him on a rock next to the sidewalk…

Now he’s been dubbed the Northside Rock Dragon…

And we check on him every time we go on a dog walk. 😀🐉❤️

We have Christmas spirit.

Our living room is looking festive with holiday decorations…

And yes, we know Believe is spelled wrong. It’s funnier that way. 😀🎄❤️

We take our ball seriously.

This afternoon it was pretty nice out for the beginning of December. And our mostly dirt backyard wasn’t very muddy. So we got to play ball out in our backyard. Mack just loves playing ball in the backyard. We would play ball in our backyard almost every day that it wasn’t raining all throughout the entire summer…

He loves chasing balls around in our backyard. He’s not so good at bringing the ball back to you but he’s pretty good at catching balls. But now that it’s almost winter and it gets dark so early. It’s hard to see the balls to toss them around in the backyard. So I got Mack these glow-in-the-dark balls so that we can play ball in the backyard when it starts to get dark outside…

We take our ball pretty seriously over here. 😀🐶🎾🐾❤️

Artworks at Biggby Coffee.

We got up to get coffee this morning from Biggby Coffee. And there was a really neat display of kids’ artworks on the wall…

These two were my favorites…

I love little kids’ creativity. It’s truly inspiring. It made me want to go home and work on creating something beautiful. 😀🎨❤️

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