Social distancing pizza party.

We took delicious Donato’s pizzas and salads out to Geri in West Chester to check on her and make sure she was doing okay in the midst of COVID-19…

She is hanging in there, just like all of us. And the pizzas were delicious. 😀🍕🥗❤️

We ate this.

We made another Donato’s oven pizza this evening for dinner…

This one was a supreme and it really good. 😀🍕❤️

Donato’s Pizza… at home?

Genifer found Donato’s oven pizzas in the freezer section at the grocery…

They taste just like delivery Donato’s pizza and they’re really good. 😀🍕❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

When were at Sam’s Club a couple weeks back, we found a 2-pack of frozen Donatos Pizzas. It’s odd because we didn’t realize Donatos sold frozen pizzas. We’d never seen
a frozen Donatos pizza at any grocery store. We always thought the only way to get the Donatos deliciousness was to order it and pick it up or have it delivered. Tonight, we tried one of the frozen Donatos pizzas, and it was awesome…

It was amazing just how close it was to a Donatos from the store. I think we just found
a new mainstay in our freezer. 🙂

A very busy Friday.

We were so busy at work today that they brought in Donato’s pizza for lunch…

Donatos pizza makes for a really good lunch, especially when it’s a free Donatos pizza lunch. And a smiley face cookie fromServatii Pastry Shop helped get me through the rest of the afternoon…

But everything got done and got done very well. It was a pretty good but very, very  busy Friday. 🙂

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