Our new sofa arrived. Finally.

It was a very rainy morning…

In fact, it was raining so much that the dogs didn’t even want to go on a walk. We basically dragged them down to the end of the street to potty.

This morning our new sofa was finally supposed to be delivered. I think we ordered it all the way back at the beginning of August. So long ago in fact, that I couldn’t remember what it was supposed to look like or even what color we ended up choosing. We had the space in our living room all ready…

And then it was here…

And our new sofa is just perfectly splendid…

It’s so nice and stylish and very, very comfortable to sit on. Maybe we’ll actually start watching TV is our living room instead of always retreating upstairs to our bedroom. We’ll see. But we’re very happy with our new sofa.

Today was the start of the college basketball season. I watched Xavier just destroy Oakland. And Michigan hold off a very good Bowling Green team. It’s terrific to have college basketball back in our quarantine lives.

I finished up my projects for the week. And it was time for the long four-day holiday weekend. It was also time to take the dogs on the evening walk around the block…

We clouds didn’t even look real this evening. They looked like a painting…

Good evening from Northside…

Genifer ordered holiday sweaters for Oscar and Mack…

They’re a little snug. But still very festive. Mack didn’t seem to mind his. But you could tell Oscar was mad while he had his sweater on.

We had a few drinks this evening to celebrate our new sofa and because it was the biggest going out night of the year.

But we were still in bed before eleven o’clock. 😀🌄🌧️🏡🌻🐾🍻❤️

And this photo of Mack showed up in my Timehop today…

Taken with Instagram.

Good evening from downtown Cincinnati. I apologize for really wearing out this view. I mean, not really because the sunsets are so pretty right now when I’m getting ready to leave from work. I’m sure there will be quite a few more photos taken gazing out at this view. I think it’s just gorgeous at dusk. Taken with Instagram. 😀🌆❤️

Good morning from Northside.

Good morning from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

Local Guides ❤️ Google Play.

I earned another special perk from Google Maps and Local Guides

How cool is that? I think it’s really neat to receive little rewards for my contributions to Google Maps and Local Guides. It’s really not necessary both it sure is appreciated.

And… my photos on Google Maps just went over 13 million views!

Thanks, Google! 😀🗺️❤️

Fantasy basketball.

I’m playing Fantasy Basketball again this season…


I playing eight teams this year. Most of them are starting off the season pretty well so far. But two of my teams are still undefeated five weeks into the season…

Fantasy basketball is pretty dang fun. 😀🏀❤️

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