Sam Adams Taproom.

This evening we also stopped by to check out the relatively new Sam Adams Taproom on Central Parkway right around the corner from Findlay Market. We drive right by it every day on the way to and from work. This evening we got to see what it’s all about…

It’s a pretty nice place. I could definitely see hanging out here on a regular basis…

We ordered a couple their giant pretzels…

That pretzel was amazing. It might have been one of the best pretzels I’ve ever eaten.

We hung out for a little bit and managed to come in third in a spelling contest they were having that night…

I’ve heard of weeknight trivia contests. But I’ve never heard of spelling bees. It was different. Anyway, we walked away with a $10 gift card. It’s such a fun place…

And their patio is going to be amazing in the summer…

Sam Adams new taproom. Come for the beer. Stay for the pretzels. 😀🍺🥨❤️

Northside Distilling Company.

After work this evening, we finally stopped at Northside Distilling Company on Court Street in Central Business District…

But first we stopped to admire the Artworks Cincinnati Toy Heritage mural…

And back to Northside Distilling Company

When we first heard about the Northside Distilling Company, we thought it was weird that it was located in Central Business District and not well, in Northside. But after hearing about their story from our bartender, Luke it all made sense…

The Northside Distilling Company started in the way that any good distillery starts, with friends. Some friends began home brewing in the basement, which lead to an interest in distilling. After purchasing a 13 gallon still and two years of paperwork later, Northside Distilling Company was born!

They outgrew the old barn in Northside, and in April 2017, expanded to our current production facility and bar front on Race Street right in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.


Northside Distilling is such a great little place with some really fantastic drinks. 😀🥃❤️

My work set-up.

I took a photo of my set-up at work this morning. I have it pretty nice…

The MacBook and iPad are mine from home. Work provides the desktop with the dual monitors and the really nice view of downtown Cincinnati. 😀💻🏙️❤️

It’s a little warmer today.

But really not that much warmer at all.  😀❄️❤️

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