Smallest express box.

Genifer worked her company’s booth at a career fair this afternoon. And set-up right next to her booth was a booth for UPS. And they were giving away these small express boxes with a couple of little chicklets inside…

Just how small is a small express box? Here it is next to a puzzle piece…

And here it is next to a little baby Kit Kat that she also got me because I love Kit Kats…

That was the cutest express box I’ve ever seen. What a great idea. 😀📨❤️

Seen and noted.

We got a little dusting of snow again this evening. 😀🌨️❄️❤️

Meet the Brewery: Jackie O.

We stopped at Higher Gravity for another one of their Meet the Brewery nights. Tonight’s brewery was Jackie O’s Brewery from Athens, Ohio. HG had Jackie O’s Les Deux Silos on draft…

And they were pouring samples of several of Jackie O’s mixed fermentation bottles…

All of the beers were very good. The Les Deux Silos was outstanding. It was almost more of a wine than a beer. The Meet the Brewery events at Higher Gravity are always tasty and fun. 😀🍺🍻❤

Pause for paws.

Hi Oscar. 😀🐾❤️

Happy hour in Pendleton.

Just to the north of Jack Casino and just to the east of Over-the-Rhine lies the Pendleton neighborhood of downtown Cincinnati. Genifer noticed on Instagram that the relatively new 3-Point Brewery in Pendleton was having a Pop-Up Happy Hour Wednesday with $2 beers from 5-7pm. So after work this evening, we stopped in Pendleton to finally check out a couple places that were new to us.

We haven’t been to Pendleton since we moved to Northside. Back then all that was there was Nation. Now there are all sorts of new places like Luquis Q barbeque

Across the street is Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey

And next door to Boomtown is CHX

And next to CHX is 3-Points Urban Brewery…

3-Points is absolutely beautiful inside…

I started with a Sinking Orca Oatmeal Stout

And Genifer tried their Shoal Cincy Stout

Both beers were really good. That little CHX guy kept staring at us…

He reminded us of Oscar with his beady little eyes.

We ordered a small original breaded banty with fries from the bar and just a little while later, we received a text that our banty was ready to be picked up…

And there’s our order…

Our CHX was so good! There were so many fries in that bag. It was like a neverending bag of fries. They just kept regenerating themselves no matter how many we ate. And their dipping sauces were legit too. But the star of the show for me was the hushpuppies. Then again, I love hushpuppies. I also tried their Magic Wand Kettle Sour

And Genifer tried one of their spicy margarita draft cocktails…

Both 3-Point and CHX were awesome. It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary

We can’t wait to come back to 3-Point and CHX. And we also can’t wait to check out Lucius Q and Boomtown. And eat at Nation again. It’s been way too long. Geez… Pendleton is really on the serious upswing! 😀🍺🐔🤫🐶❤️

Good morning from Northside.

Good morning from Northside. It looks like the pretty sunrise time of year is back again. Taken with Instagram. 😀🌄❤️

Three years ago today.

Three years ago today, we got married in Jamaica…

Without a doubt, the last three years have been the happiest of my whole life.
Happy anniversary, baby! I love you with all of my heart! 😀💍❤️

Love you to pieces.

While we waited for our chicken bake to get done baking, we put together this tiny little secret message jigsaw puzzle I got Genifer for Valentine’s Day…

That was fun. We need to do more jigsaw puzzles. 😀🧩❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

Genifer made chicken bake for dinner tonight. I love chicken bake…

Chicken bake is one of my favorites. 😀🐔🧀❤️

Constructing Cincinnati.

The work on the foundation continues across the street


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