Front Porch Pours.

A Cincinnati experiential agency came up with up with the idea of Front Porch Pours

We’re keeping the Cincinnati connection strong by collectively gathering for a city-wide distant socializing happy hour, Front Porch Pours.

To “attend” guests will need a Porch Pours party kit. We’ll send you everything you need, — including, themed cocktail recipes, an exclusive playlist, invitations to send to your friends and neighbors, and more!

Why are we doing this? To create unity in a distant community. To strengthen our city bond by doing the same thing at the same time, but in different places. This isn’t a city-wide virtual call in. It’s more than that. It’s communal without digital. Being present in the moment, together.

We want everyone to join in. From OTR to Oakley, Sayler Park to Hyde Park, Westwood to Winton Hills, neighbors in all 52 hoods will kick open their door, post up on their stoop and throw back a cold one.

We walked down our street to visit with our neighbor friends Kelly and Greg. I forgot to take a photo but Genifer got one later in the evening…

And when we got home, we found a Xalapa from One Well Brewing in Kalamazoo…

All things considered, it was a pretty fun Friday night. 😀🍻❤️

Sidewalk wisdom.

There’s been some really nice sidewalk chalk art around the neighborhood…

What she order?

Fish fillet.

Be excellent to each other. It’s going to be OK. Take a deep breath.

We’re going to get through all of this mess together. 😀🎨🖼️❤️

Google Nest Wifi.

We get our wifi through Cincinnati Bell. We have a 500mbps plan. In theory, it should be pretty fast. It’s worked really well for us. But then again, we haven’t really pushed it too hard. With all the working at home for the last few weeks, I’m always downloading and uploading pretty sizeable files, and our wifi has struggled to keep up especially when it comes to all the video conferencing for meetings. We decided to replace our Cincinnati Bell provided router and try a router and point for Google Nest Wifi

I’m a designer, not an IT professional so I don’t completely understand all of this. But a traditional, single router provides relatively limited coverage. It becomes spotty the farther away you are from it. Google Nest wifi claimed to blanket the whole house in fast, reliable wifi that keeps buffering at bay without the need for wifi extenders. One Nest router with one point provides coverage up to 3800 square feet. The white one is the router and the blue one is the point…

The website said it’s strong enough to handle up to 200 connected devices (I need more devices) and it’s fast enough to stream multiple 4K videos at a time. We put the router in our front bedroom on the second floor…

And we placed the point down the hallway in our office…

And each Nest point is also a smart speaker with the Google Assistant. The wifi set-up was ridiculously easy through the Google Home app. And now are internet speeds are off the charts. This the speed test from Google Home…


But I mainly use an app called Meteor to check our internet speeds. This is what our speeds were with our old router from Cincinnati Bell…

And these are our speeds with the Google Nest wifi router and point…

And here’s the speed mid-morning when everyone is on the network…

Night and day difference. Our wifi is so fast now. It’s really great. To me, Google Nest is definitely worth the money! And once we return the router to Cincinnati Bell, we’ll be saving $10 a month on our wifi bill. So eventually, the Google Nest wifi will pay for itself some day. 😀📡❤️

Genifer also got this new rug for our master bathroom…

I love it.

Two each per customer.

We ran over to the grocery this morning. And we were pleasantly surprised by our trip today. They really restocked since the last time we went about a week ago. And they had these signs all over the store…

There weren’t nearly as many empty shelves as there were last time. And it wasn’t too busy. But there were still a surprising number of people at the grocery at 8am on a Friday morning. And we saw these Hostess Baseball Cupcakes….

Day Game and Night Game cupcakes. We should have got some cupcakes.

There were a lot of check-out lanes open this morning. And they alternated lanes so it was one open, one closed. They also added a bunch of floor stickers to show six feet for social distancing at check-out.

And a LOT of people were wearing masks and latex gloves. Some people were wearing bandanas and the elbow-length gloves used to wash dishes. And that was the oddest thing about our trip.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal trip to Kroger. 😀🛍️❤️

Good morning from Northside.

Good morning from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

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