Woodburn + Che empanadas.

This evening I rode the Metro 11 bus from downtown to East Walnut Hills…

I met Genifer at Woodburn Brewery for a beer and some Che empanadas

I really like Woodburn’s beers and Che’s empanadas. I like them a lot. 😀🚌🍺🥟❤️

Woodburn + Che Empanadas.

After work this evening, I hopped on the Metro 11 bus…

I rode it up into East Walnut Hills to meet Genifer again at Woodburn Brewery

Their chocolate mint imperial stout is just out of this world…

And then the Che empanada truck pulled up right outside Woodburn’s front door…

We got three delicious Che empanadas and chips&salsa which turned out to be much more like nachos than chips&salsa…

And Cincinnati was bracing a big snopocolypse…

So we finished our empanadas and beers and headed for home before the white death began. 😀🍺❤️

Chocolate mint stout and empanadas.

After work this evening, I hopped the Cincinnati Metro 11 bus…

I rode the eleven up to East Walnut Hills…

I met her just around the corner from her work at Woodburn Brewery. Because we saw that Woodburn had their Chocolate Mint Imperial Stout back on tap. It’s the beer that tastes just like a Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookie…

There were also empanadas from Che. I really love empanadas…

We got the trio of empanadas. We tried the beef, Cuban and pepperoni empanadas…

All of them were very good but the traditional beef empanada is always my favorite.

I was a fun Friday evening with great empanadas and a pretty outstanding beer. We’ll have to do this again soon. 😀🍺❤️

Brunch at Ché.

Early this afternoon, we walked up Walnut Street into Over-the-Rhine to check out Ché, the new Argentinian restaurant/bar that “uses fine ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional artisanal empanadas, meats, pizzas charcuteries, soups & stews.” We’ve been wanting to check out Ché for a bit. But we couldn’t manage to fit in a visit before we left for Jamaica. Today, we got to check out Ché’s brunch…

Ché makes their own Bloody Mary mix in house. And they are out of this world…

Genifer ordered the El Huevo Escoces, the Argentinian take on the Scottish Egg served with cheesy homestyle potatoes with salsa…

And it was pretty dang amazing. A hard-boiled egg wrapped in bacon and tucked inside an empanada… WOW!

Absolute delicious genius. I tried the La Trifecta. Because I love me some empanadas. So give me tres!

All of the empanadas were incredible. But it was pretty much a toss-up between the spinach or the ham & cheese empanada for my favorite…

It was an incredible brunch. One of the best we’ve had a while. And it was a great place. I loved their decor.

We’ll definitely be back for brunch! We can’t wait to try Ché’s lunch and dinner menus! 🙂

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