Another overcast Monday.

You could tell it was Monday because it was so grey and overcast outside.

Good morning from Northside…

And it was still very overcast this evening…

In fact, it looked nearly identical to this morning…

And good evening from Northside…

We went and picked up some Wendy’s for a gloomy Monday treat for dinner…

Genifer had a spicy chicken sammich. I ordered a Baconator. But we ended up with two spicy chicken sammiches somehow. And that was kind of a bummer because I was looking forward to my burger. But the chicken was good too. And the third bag was full of chicken nuggets, if you were wondering.

I don’t remember exactly what we watched this evening. But I know we watched a handful of movies on Amazon Prime Video recently. We’ve watched Hangman, Widows Point, Death of a Vlogger and 47 Hours to Live, not necessarily in that order. They were all pretty bad. Prime Video is the home of bad movies. There have been a few good ones over the years, but they’re mostly really bad. Death of a Vlogger made just jump a few times. But there are only so many movies on Netflix and with a handful of our sports teams having their season put on pause, desperate times call for desperate measures. 😀🌄☁️🍔🍟🐔📺❤️

Another rainy Saturday.

This morning we woke up early again to head over to Trader Joe’s before it got too crazy busy on Saturday. The later it gets, the busier it gets. We usually try to get to Trader Joe’s as close to 8am when it open as we can. This morning was our best time
so far. We pulled into their parking lot at 8:02am…

I just thought that little berry bunny was pretty cute. We didn’t get any frozen chocolate cover strawberry pieces though. I wonder if they would be good?

After we were done getting groceries at TJ’s, we headed over to get our Saturday morning coffee at Biggby

Biggby is our reward for getting up and getting groceries out of the way. We both got hot chocolates this morning. Biggby had more student artwork on display on their walls. I really liked the hills with the watercolor skies…

The owl and the elephant were really great too…

And if we had a daughter and named her Niala…

She would be Niala Fiala. Maybe Niala could be a middle name.

Later, we went over to Taft’s Brewpourium for another lunch with our gift cards we got for Christmas…

Taft’s had a new Hazelnut Latte Coffee Milk Stout on tap…

And it was really delicious. We watched the Michigan-Illinois game on our little tablet. We shared a small pizza with pepperoni, sausage and banana peppers…

We also shared some of Taft’s chicken wings…

We had six buffalo wings and six Cherrywood BBQ wings…

I think I really like the Cherrywood BBQ the best. But they’re both really good. And even though, Michigan lost. Again. It was a great lunch. We just love Taft’s pizza and wings.

Later, we started watching a series called 11.22.63 on Hulu. It’s pretty good so far. And even though it was another rainy day, it was another pretty good Saturday. 😀🌨️❤️

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