An evening out in East Walnut Hills.

This evening we ventured off across town to another up-and-coming neighborhood in Cincinnati, East Walnut Hills

Genifer works right around the corner. She was excited to check out some of the places she sees every day but hasn’t had the chance to visit yet. Our first stop was at Woodburn Brewery and Tap Room

We’ve tried a couple of Woodburn’s beers on tap at Higher Gravity and they were really good so we were excited to see what else they had…

We got a flight. We tried the Breakfast Porter, American Brown and Imperial Stout…

Did I mention it was a Chocolate Mint Imperial Stout that tasted just like a Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookie? It was one of the best beers I’ve tasted in a quick minute…

Woodburn Brewery also had some small bites by Mazunte…

We got the guacamole and chips and the nachos…

The nachos were really good but they were just too much food. I’m still really kicking myself for not just getting the beer cheese. When in doubt, always go with the beer cheese. Especially when you’re at a brewery.

We did another flight with two barrel-aged beers and another taster the Chocolate Mint Imperial Stout. It was such an amazing beer. There’s already been talk of Genifer taking one or two of our growlers with her to fill up with the Chocolate Mint Imperial Stout some day after work. It was a really great place. And we can’t wait to come back soon. Then we went across the street to meet friends at Myrtle’s Punch House

As you could expect from the name, Myrtle’s specialty is serving punch…

Our punches are handcrafted and can be ordered by the glass, in a flight, if you want to try a bit of each, or in a bowl to share with your friends! There are always four options on tap to choose from, and we feature punches with recipes dating back to the 1700’s, as well as new and innovative approaches to this classic cocktail.

We shared a punch bowl of the Mark Twain punch made with Bourbon, Pimms, lemon, black tea, apple cider and honey…

How adorable is that punch bowl? And the punch was very tasty…

But at $24, the punch bowl seemed a bit on the pricey side to me. Like any punch, it was mostly juices and mixers with a splash of the good stuff. Don’t get me wrong, Myrtle’s is a pretty fun place too. I just think presented with the choice, we’d always lean towards beers over cocktails.

It was a pretty fun night out in East Walnut Hills. And we got to check out a couple of new places. It’s a nice place to visit but I’m really happy we live in Northside. 😀🍺🍹❤️

Good morning from Northside.

Good morning from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

#TBT Pause for paws.

Always remembering the good times with the bud dog. 😀❤️

My two very best friends. 😀❤️

Clifton Gaslight District.

On the way home from workthis evening, I stopped in Clifton’s Gaslight District to pick us up some dinner. The Metro 17 bus stop in Clifton is right in front of Clifton’s beautiful Esquire Theatre

Across the street from the Esquire Theatre is our very favorite Chinese restaurant, Clifton’s China Kitchen,,,

I picked us up a big bag of delicious Chinese food for dinner. Genifer got Szechuan Chicken, I got Kung Pao Chicken and we shared some of their delicious potstickers…

Next door to China Kitchen, I noticed these guys in the window of a jewelry store…

Clifton’s Gaslight District is just a really neat little area…


Seen and noted.

The giant stained glass window of Northside’s NorthChurch is really gorgeous…

Taken with Instagram. 😀⛪️❤️

Good evening.

I got a couple of photos of tonight’s sunset with my Polaroid CUBE on the bus ride home as the Metro 17 bus started it’s climb up the hill on West Clifton Avenue…

It was a really pretty one. 😀🌇❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

Genifer made another one of the Kroger Prep+Pared dinners this evening. This one was Rosemary Turkey Meatballs with Butternut Cream and Fettuccini…

The meatballs were awesome. The buttercream was kind of weird. For starters, it was very thick. Not so much like a cream or a sauce but more like buttercream spread mixed in with pasta. I’ve noticed textures of food are becoming more and more important to me for some reason. If something has an unusually odd texture it can be just as off-putting as a bad taste. And second, it had a lot of cinnamon or nutmeg or something. I think it would have been really good as a spread on toast for breakfast. It was just a really weird texture and an odd taste for a dinner to me. Without the buttercream, it would have been very similar to one of my favorite meals Genifer makes, Swedish Meatball Pasta. Other than the buttercream, the meal was really good. And like I said these meatballs were just dynamite. But then again, I might just really love meatballs. 😀🍝❤️

Habañero Burrito Monday!

I stopped in Clifton’s Gaslight District on the way home from work to pick us up a couple of $5 burritos from Habanero. Because it was $5 Burrito Monday! And we haven’t had Burrito Monday in a while

I got our burritos and hopped back the 17 bus to Northside…

Their burritos are so good and so big…

Neither one of us could finish our burritos. And now we have lunch for tomorrow too! YUM! 😀🖐️🌯❤️

Over 1 million.

I got an email from Google this morning. And this email was to inform me that the 600+ photos I’ve posted publicly to Google Maps have now received over 1 milliion views

A million views on just 600 photos is a pretty amazing accomplishment especially when you consider that the 94,500+ photos I’ve uploaded to my Flickr since March 2007 have received just under 8 million views. My three most viewed photos on Google Maps…

Third was taken inside Melt Eclectic Cafe in Northside with over 54,000 views…

Second was inside Northside’s Blue Jay Restaurant with over 60,000 views…

And the bar at Django Western Taco’s old location is my most viewed photo on Google Maps with more than 80,000 views…

Isn’t that nuts? Social media stats like this just kind of blow mind. 😀📷👀❤️

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