A very snowy President’s Day.

Happy President’s Day! I’m very appreciative to have an actual functioning adult as president again.

It was very snowy again this morning. We got some more snow overnight and we were supposed to get a bunch more snow this afternoon into this evening. We were joking that it wasn’t a holiday during the middle of a pandemic that it would have probably been a snow day and we would have got to stay home…

And so a snowy good morning from Northside…

Before the snow got too bad, we ran over to Skyline to pickup some lunch…

The roads weren’t terrible. But they also weren’t great…

Genifer didn’t yell at me for taking photos with my DJI Osmo Pocket while driving so you know it wasn’t too bad outside yet…

Up in Michigan, they would have just called this another Monday…

Genifer’s Audi Q3 did really well in the snow…

And now it’s Skyline Time!

It was so good. For dessert, we ate our Valentine’s cannolis from Taft’s yesterday…

Shortly after we were done eating, we received a text that Hamilton County was upgraded to a Level 2 Snow Advisory…

Good evening from a very snowy Northside…

We played in the snow in our backyard…

And we watched the snow accumulate on our street from our third-floor WyzeCam

We also watched all six episodes of the series Young Wallander on Netflix. It was pretty good. But the ending was a bit dumb.

Oh… and Michigan basketball is now ranked number three in the country…

We had a really nice President’s Day home from work. 😀🌄🌨️❄️📺❤️

Good evening from Northside.

There were a lot of planes circling over Northside on their way to CVG when we were out for our evening walk tonight. But that spot in the upper right hand corner was just a really bright star. Good evening from Northside. 😀🌌❤️

Lunch at Django.

We planned to stop at Django Western Taco yesterday for Valentine’s Day. But since we weren’t super hungry, we decide to postpone our visit until this afternoon when we could really do some more damage…

We started with some chips & salsa to start, shared Django’s incredible jerk chicken quesadilla and I also had a fried chicken taco too…

It all made for such a delicious lunch. Unfortunately for us, Django didn’t have any bread pudding today. But they did have churros…

And the churros were DY-NO-MITE!

Lunch at Django is always so very tasty and really inexpensive. We got out of there for just over $20. And you can’t beat that. 😀🌮❤️

Weekend morning coffee.

It’s Saturday morning and we’re contractually obligated to head over Madisonville to get our weekend morning coffee from Biggby

Especially since Biggby had a BOGO coupon on their Instagram

Wouldn’t that be awesome if we really were under contract to drink Biggby hot chocolate and post photos about it every weekend? It would be terrific. But we kind of do that every weekend anyway.

We just love our weekend morning beverages from Biggby. 😀☕️❤️

A walk through Parker Woods.

Mack had to go to the vet this morning. He’s been under the weather. We got him some medicine that will hopefully get him back to his old self very soon. When we got home from the vet, we took a walk through Parker Woods

It was such a pretty morning. Mack had some of his medicine and laid down for a nap…

And hopefully, he’ll start feeling better really soon. 😀🐾❤️

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