The Great Pumpkin Run 5k.

It was a very cold and rainy morning in Cincinnati. We got up really early this morning and we drove all the way out to Clarksville which is about 45 minutes or so northeast of Cincinnati. Genifer and her sister signed up to run in The Great Pumpkin Run 5k at Bonnybrook Farms

Bonnybrook Farms looked like a pretty neat place to explore

If it was so dang cold and rainy…

We ducked into The Gathering Barn to get away from the rain…

Everyone else had the same idea…

As the run started, The Gathering Barn began to empty and I took some photos while Genifer and Alyssa did their run…

Genifer had a good time with her run. I’d like to get a chance to check out Bonnybrook Farms one day when it’s a little bit nicer outside. 😀🌧️🎃🏃‍♀️❤️

Four years ago.

Our beloved bud dog passed away four years ago in the middle of the night…

It’s really hard to believe Milan’s been gone for four years now. There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by where we still haven’t missed him in bunches even after all this time. He’s still always in our thoughts each and every day. And I’m so very thankful that a couple of bud dog photos still show up in my Timehop a few times a week…

All of us still miss you so very much, Milan. You helped me through one of the roughest patches of my life and helped me come out the other side. You were always there for me. Always there with me. You were the best friend I’ve ever had. And it breaks our hearts that you’re not still here with us now. You would have loved our big house with our little backyard and our neighborhood with all the walks we take through the woods. You were definitely taken from us far too soon. 😦

Rest in peace, bud dog. I will always love you and miss you
more than words could ever possibly say. 😢

Milan Fiala: January 5th, 2006 – October 26th, 2015

We need to do better.

Next year, we really need to do a better job with our Halloween decorations. People in our neighborhood decorate their porches with Halloween lights…

And people on our street hang scary ghost skeletons along with their lights…

We really need to step up our Halloween game next year. 😀🎃❤️

Someone lost their duck.

We found this adorable little stuffed duck on our dog walk this evening. We found him by the school up on top of the hill at the end of our street. We set it under one of the street lights by the school…

I hope someone gets reunited their little duck very soon.😀🦆❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight…

And there was garlic bread…

I love spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread! 😀🍝🍞❤️

Get your animal heads here.

We’ve never really been in the market for an animal head for our home but if that need should suddenly arise for whatever reason, we can have our pick of animal heads at Main Auction Gallery on Fourth Street…

What do you think an animal head goes for nowadays? 😀🐗🦄❤️

Good evening from Northside.

Good evening from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

Thursdays are for Whip Classics.

It must be Thursday. We stopped at Queen City Radio for a Whip Classic burger, chili dog and some fries…

I still think they have one of the best burgers, if not THE best burger in all of Cincinnati. Best fries too. 😀🍔🌭🍟❤️


Hello from downtown Cincinnati.

Hello. Good afternoon from downtown Cincinnati.😀🏙️❤️

Four years ago.

Four years ago, we saw The Mersey Beatles at Aronoff Center…

They were so amaaazing. Best Beatle tribute band I think I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the memories, Timehop! 😀🇬🇧🎶🦕❤️

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