College Hill Coffee Company.

This morning we set out to run some Saturday morning errands but first we stopped for coffee up in College Hill at College Hill Coffee Company

Genifer ordered a peppermint mocha and I got myself a hot chocolate with chocolate chip banana bread…

Our drinks were really good. There’s also all sorts of gift items and home goods and odds and ends in CHCC like these huge gourmet rice crispy treats…

And this adorable dinosaur hide & hunt puzzle dog toy…

And their menu looked really good too. We’ll have to come back up to College Hill Coffee Company for breakfast sometime very soon. 😀☕️❤️

We run on Dunkin.

We got up this morning to run some errands, and along the way we stopped to get some Dunkin in Finneytown…

I really like Dunkin’s Dunkaccino. 😀☕️🍩❤️


Saturday morning Biggby Coffee.

This morning we went over to Biggby Coffee again in Madisonville…

We love weekend coffee runs to Biggby Coffee! 😀☕️❤️

Sunday morning with Biggby Coffee.

When we were up in Michigan last Christmas, we got to try Biggby Coffee on our last day as we were getting on the road to head back to Cincinnati. And Biggby’s coffee drinks were really good. Genifer had their Caramel Marvel and I had their Butter Bear. I looooved the Butter Bear. It was a latte with caramel and butterscotch. I was pretty sure I found my new favorite coffee drink of all time because it combined two of my favorite things… butterscotch and bears. Biggby was a great place but we thought we’d wouldn’t bet their coffee again until we went back up north.

Then we noticed that there are a handful of Biggby Coffees scattered around the greater Cincinnati area. Unfortunately, none of those locations were really all that close to us, northern Kentucky or all the way out in Loveland. Until… a brand new Biggby Coffee just opened in Madisonville. And today, we check out the new Biggby and get some delicious Biggby coffee…

Biggby Coffee is delicious. We repeated the same order as we had up in Michigan, plus a cinnamon roll. And it was every bit as terrific as we remembered. We’re glad you’re just around the corner from us now Biggby! We will be back often! 😀☕️🐻❤️

Coffee Please.

After our Saturday morning run to Trader Joe’s, we stopped for coffee in Madeira at a place called Coffee Please

Google described it as a “homey cafe & bakery serving specialty drinks, muffins & light meals in a relaxed atmosphere.” And that seems pretty accurate…

We both each had an iced latte. And they were really good. I really liked their big coffee bean roaster too. It reminded me of Sidewinder’s Roastery

I just love getting to try new coffee shops on Saturday mornings. 😀☕️❤️

Seen and noted.

Seen and noted at Trader Joe’s. 😀🧸❤️

Mad Llama Coffee.

We made an early Saturday morning run to Trader Joe’s. And that means we get to check out another new coffee shop. And the coffee shop we checked out this morning was Mad Llama in Madisonville…

Neat little coffee shop. We loved all the llamas and the coffees were great! 😀☕️❤️

Awakenings Coffee Roasters.

On Saturday mornings, we’ve been getting up super early and heading to Trader Joe’s to get some groceries for the week before it gets crazy over there. After we’re done at Joe’s, I thought it would be fun to try a different coffee shop in the area. This morning’s coffee shop was Awakenings Coffee Roasters in Montgomery…

She shared a cinnamon roll because… well, I love cinnamon rolls…

The coffees and the cinnamon roll were both really good…

Oh. And we shared this breakfast sammich…

It was a really good little coffee shop. We can’t wait to find more. 😀☕️❤️

It was a really fun Saturday.

This morning we were out running errands and got coffees from Hyde Perk

Later, we went down to Over-the-Rhine. We stopped to admire OtR’s Ziegler Park

Then we stopped at The Pony for lunch. They had Bell’s Pineapple Jalapeno Oberon on tap. And it was sooooo good…

The Pony has some of the best chicken tenders in all of Cincinnati…

Then we walked down Main Street to finally get to check out the relatively new Pins Mechanical Company just down from The Pony…

Pins has Duck Pin Bowling…

We didn’t try any bowling. We’ll have to save that fun for another time. And upon the second floor of Pins…

Pins has a whole bunch of pinball machines…

Upon the third floor, they have an awesome patio with a bocce ball court and giant Jenga. But that is another story for another time. On the way home, we stopped at Second Place to watch the end of the Champions League Final…

It was another pretty fun Saturday. 😀🐴🎳❤️

Premier League Mornings.

Premier League Saturday morning soccer…

There’s nothing better than Saturday morning soccer on two screens. 😀⚽️🏆❤️

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