Brunch at Django Western Taco.

This afternoon we walked over to Django Western Taco for brunch…

Genifer ordered one of Django’s amazing Jerk Chicken Quesadillas. We shared some tater tot casserole, chips and salsa and I ordered this amazing dish…

Barbacoa Benedict on a house made jalapeño English muffin, poached eggs, spinach, salsa verde and queso fresco. And it was awesome! But we ordered way too much food. Again. We should have just shared the Barbacoa Benedict. It was such an incredible meal for brunch. 😀🌮❤️

Our Community Shield.

Another season of English Premier League soccer is almost upon us! In honor of Arsenal beating Chelsea on penalties in the annual FA Community Shield match

We made a whole bunch of little pancake community shields of our own…

Turns out, the community shield is delicious with plenty of syrup and a big helping of scrambled eggs! 😀⚽️🏆🥞❤️

ps. English Premier League is back in full effect next weekend

Northside Sunday.

We were walking down Hamilton Avenue to brunch and saw the Dogfish Head x Crosley Cruiser Tour parked out in front of Shake It Records

We went to Django Western Taco for brunch…

We shared a breakfast burrito and tater tot casserole…

Afterwards, we went to Second Place to watch Michigan’s second round basketball game against Louisville. It also turns out the Liverpool versus Manchester City match was on…

Second Place put out quite the spread for the match…

It was a pretty amazing atmosphere for both of the games. And… it was super exciting to watch Michigan advance to the Sweet Sixteen. Also, next Saturday the second season of FC Cincinnati USL soccer kicks off in Charleston, South Carolina. And Second Place is having a watch party…

It was another really fun Sunday in Northside. 🙂


We walked down to Django Western Taco for brunch again this morning…

Genifer had been craving guacamole for a minute now so she just ordered some guac Django style and some chips and salsa. I had Django’s amazing chicken biscuit…

It looked a bit different than the last time I had it but it was every bit as delicious. 🙂

Sunday brunch.

We found ourselves up and moving relatively early again, so we decided to go to out to brunch for the third Sunday in a row. We walked down Hamilton Avenue back to Django Western Taco to check out their brunch offerings…

Django was offering items off both their brunch and lunch menu, which complicated matters a bit. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

We started with chips and salsa…

Genifer got a carnitas taco to go with her chips and salsa. I was going back and forth between the breakfast sandwich off the brunch menu and the chicken biscuit off the lunch menu. I decided to go with the chicken biscuit…

I chose wisely

I also saw one of the servers carrying the breakfast sandwich to a table. It looked delicious and it was massive. I’ll have to give it a try next time. I also had to order a side of Chef Josh’s famous tater tot casserole. It’s been waaay too long. And it was every bit as incredible as I remembered it…

Another incredible meal at Django, and another amazing brunch in Northside. We’re getting pretty used to living in the epicenter of brunch of Cincinnati. 🙂

Sunday brunch.

After we walked Oscar this morning, we walked down Hamilton Avenue to get coffee from Collective Espresso Northside. It’s a little bit hard to find. We walked right by it a few weekend’s ago until Genifer finally noticed the sign on the sidewalk…

Genifer ordered a regular latte…

And I ordered a honey latte…

I’m sooo in love with WordPlay’s Urban Legends Institute stained glass sign hanging over Hamilton Avenue…

We saw another Yurko tag on the sidewalk…

With coffee in hand, we stopped at Melt Eclectic Cafe to pick-up some brunch to take home with us…

We brought home a couple of Melt’s Breakfast Burritos. And they were really amazing…

It was a great way to start our Sunday. Later, we took Oscar a longer walk. It was so pretty outside…

After that, we puttered a bit around the house but mostly just laid around and watched football for the rest of the day. It was a pretty relaxing Sunday. 🙂

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